Frittatas are like quiches without crusts, and that makes them an ideal fast and simple weeknight dinner. They also are the ultimate have-it-your-way meal, and that makes it easy to feed a family of — inevitably — picky eaters. You all get to enjoy the same meal at the same time, but you aren’t all wedded to the same ingredients.

To make multiple variations of frittatas for the same meal, I just break it down into multiple pans. So rather than cook one large frittata as described in this recipe, I divide the recipe between a handful of small skillets, allowing me to customize each — sausage for my son, vegetables for myself, etc.

You can add any combination of vegetables and meat to a frittata.

The trick is to make sure everything is cooked before the eggs go in the pan. So if you want mushrooms and onions, they go in the skillet first and cook until nicely browned. Then you season the veggies and add the eggs and any cheese you want. If you skip this step, the vegetables will be undercooked and watery.