Baton Rouge filmmaker and puppeteer Clay Achee was featured this week on actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s website HitRECord.

You might know Gordon-Levitt as the actor from such films as “Inception” and “(500) Days of Summer.” The way his website works is simple: creative minds join the site, meet through the site and collaborate. Gordon-Levitt posts videos and text daily.

In a video posted earlier this week titled “Where We Live & Make Things,” Gordon-Levitt gave a tip of the hat to Achee’s workspace, Beyond the Garage.

After Achee showed off his space in the video, Gordon-Levitt also gave a shoutout to Achee’s idea to make up new lullabies for children.

Achee is currently basking in a little bit of internet fame right now.

“I don’t know, does this make me viral?” He asked, laughing.

When Achee found out about the video mention, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

“Oh yes, I was being a fan-girl for a good amount of time,” he said. “Normally, I wouldn’t do that. I’ve worked in movies. If you’re on set, maybe you tell a co-worker there, ‘Jeff Bridges is cool.’ But you don’t lose it. But this is different. When Joseph Gordon-Levitt is sitting there, saying your work is great and cool, when they’re praising you, that’s really cool.”

See the video below. (Warning, the video features language some may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.)

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