When Fay Weilbaecher, of Covington, wrote in to announce the 55th anniversary of her marriage to husband Wayne (on Friday, Jan. 30), she included this wedding horror story to tell why “on our wedding day many years ago we were not so sure if we would make the first one.

“It was the coldest day of the year, with sleet and rain.

“My brother and our flower girl got sick on the altar, so we had to put his tux and her dress on two very large cousins.

“My uncle wanted to take our wedding pictures with his new camera (out of 50 pictures, three were not overexposed).

“A friend of the family promised us a three-day honeymoon as his gift, but he didn’t even show up.

“So we waved goodbye to everyone and went nowhere — finally we decided to go to the show downtown. ‘Can Can’ was playing. How romantic was that?

“Then we found out a year later that the priest who married us was excommunicated from the church.”

Only in Louisiana

After Fay Weilbaecher’s wedding story above, she added this highly romantic note:

“In 55 years we’ve had many anniversary gifts — but my favorite gift will always be a pound of crawfish in a brown bag with a ribbon around it, for our second anniversary.

“It was all we could afford that year, but my husband knew I love crawfish and he wanted to get me something. He was always thinking of me!”

Pleasant surprise

“Another example of ‘our small world,’ say Alma and Barry Mims, of Mandeville:

“Years ago we stopped at the Pizza Hut in Meridian, Mississippi, to get a bite to eat.

“We were returning to Mandeville from our RV trip to the Tennessee mountains.

“To our surprise, there sitting in Pizza Hut were my sister and brother-in-law from Georgia.

“Back then we didn’t get to see them but about once a year.

“They were on their way to a high school reunion in north Louisiana, and neither one of us knew the other was traveling.

“Can you imagine how surprised we all were? We never could’ve planned this one!”

Flamingo seekers

I’ve had some requests from folks wanting to contact “flamingo flockers” — people who put a multitude of cheap plastic pink flamingos on lawns of selected individuals, and offer to remove them for a price, with the proceeds going to some worthy cause.

As I’ve pointed out before, this may work in some places, but in my downtown Baton Rouge neighborhood, Spanish Town, the recipient would be delighted — since the pink flamingo is our revered neighborhood symbol, and the reason you’ll be seeing so much pink at the Feb. 14 Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade.

Beanie seeker

Bill Stuart, of Zachary, is looking for an LSU freshman beanie, from back in the days when freshmen were required to wear them:

“I started LSU in 1968 and, as I remember it, we were the first freshman class to NOT shave our heads, but still were issued an official LSU freshman purple and gold beanie.

“This beanie is the stuff of ancient LSU lore.

“You better not be caught not wearing it around campus, as the upperclassmen could spot a freshman with or without a beanie from a mile off, and give you ‘friendly’ reminders as to your status at LSU.”

If you can help Bill in his search, he’s at (225) 235-7215.

Avoidable death

Carolyn Howard, of Zachary, tells a sad story to emphasize the importance of vaccinating pets:

“My husband and I were given a 6-month-old yellow male Lab Jan. 5 and buried it six days later.

“Some good friends of ours rescued it from someone because that person was going to send it to the pound.

“The first owner did not have the dog vaccinated. Two days after we got Shadow, he started to get really sick. Parvovirus was the cause.

“What a horrible death for this beautiful animal.

“Please, please take care of your animals.”

Special People Dept.

Jerry and Rose Epperson celebrate their 61st anniversary on Thursday, Jan. 29.

Air Farce

Leon Miller has this Super Bowl question:

“Do I understand that the Seahawks will be playing football, and the Patriots...SOFTBALL?”

Dead reckoning

Algie Petrere likes this little story:

A lawyer phoned the governor’s mansion shortly after midnight.

“I need to talk to the governor — it’s an emergency!” he exclaimed.

After some cajoling, the governor’s assistant agreed to wake him up.

“So, what is it that’s so important that it can’t wait until morning?” grumbled the governor.

“Judge Pierson just died, and I want to take his place,” begged the attorney.

“Well, it’s OK with me if it’s OK with the funeral home,” replied the governor.

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