After a movie last week, I had delicious bread pudding at my friend Lady Pat Sherman’s house.

She said it was nothing special, a recipe she’s used forever. Her family likes it plain, with maybe a few berries on top but no sauce. I like bread pudding and especially if it’s custardy like this one.

I’ve decided that the type of French bread you use and how “packed” you measure the 4 cups of bread cubes determines the density of the bread pudding. When I made the pudding, it tasted like hers but it was firmer, enough so to cut, though I spooned it into a dessert dish for the photo.

The bread cubes soak up the custard made of eggs, sugar, milk and vanilla. I know many of you never use a recipe and your proportions are determined by the amount of leftover French bread you have. If you need a recipe, this is a good, not-too-sweet one that’s easy to make. The bread pudding is baked in a water bath (bain marie), meaning the baking dish is set inside a larger pan of water to bake.

I’ve included a lemon sauce recipe for those who like a topping.

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