Kim “Pops” Seago, of Columbia, Tennessee, tells of a quick-thinking youngster:

“Whitt, our 2½-year-old grandson, is hungry when he wakes up, and if nobody is around to fix breakfast, he will find himself something to eat.

“Although he has learned to climb using the kitchen drawers, he has not learned to be quiet while climbing.

“Last week, hearing a noise in the kitchen, his dad found Whitt sitting on the counter, one foot in the sink, empty sugar bowl behind him and sugar all over his face.

“Before being asked what he was doing, Whitt quickly said, ‘Poppa, I wash dishes.’

“Momma and Poppa have learned that if Whitt says, ‘I do nothing,’ they had better start looking to see what he has done.”

Nana lives here

Debra Towe says, “My three granddaughters live out of state, but through technology I am able to see and speak via FaceTime with the two in Houston and one in Charleston.

“The 20-month-old Ruston (yes, her parents went to Louisiana Tech!) was asked, ‘Where’s Nana?’ Her reply: ‘In the iPad!’ Apparently I have a new home!”

Do Dad a favor

Good news for kids of all ages who are seeking a Father’s Day gift for dear old Dad: I’ll be signing copies of my book “Smiley! A Laughing Matter” on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at Red Stick Farmers Market.

I’m sure he’d rather have that book than a rod and reel or a barbecue grill or some new golf clubs...well, I’m KINDA sure...

Strong stuff

“Les Fogleman’s tale about strong chewing tobacco brought back some 50-year-old memories,” says Doug Johnson, of Watson.

“I had taken up chewing tobacco to help quit smoking, and gradually started using stronger tobaccos.

“Before finally giving it all up, I had advanced (receded?) to using a twist called ‘Warren County.’

“One day while visiting my wife’s family in Tompkinsville, Kentucky, I offered a chew to my father-in-law.

“When he saw the brand, he remarked, ‘If I took a chaw of that, my head would go a-spinnin’!’

“This was from a retired tobacco farmer who started chewing while still a teen, pulling dried leaves off the plants as he worked in the fields!”

Old news

B.J. Gowdy tells of a common occurrence at class reunions:

“I recently attended my 50th high school class reunion in Natchitoches. I walked in and thought I had the wrong party — everyone was old, had either dyed or gray hair, wrinkles here and there. I knew I certainly didn’t look like any of them.

“Three weeks later, I received the class photo made that night. Took me a while to find myself — I looked just like all those other old people.”

Computer malfunction

Ronnie Stutes notes that the actor Roddy McDowall was called “Roddy McDowell” in a recent column.

This mistake was obviously the result of a faulty gizmo in my office computer. I’ve referred this matter to the gurus in The Advocate’s Technical Place, and hope to hear from them soon.

Roy, Marion, Archie

Speaking of actor’s names, Diane T. Martin says she was reading about the movies in The Advocate’s Friday “Red” section and came across these actors: Matthias Schoenaerts, Saxon Sharbino, Kristen Wiig, Juno Temple and Kristoffer Polaha.

She says it made her miss the old days of movie stars, when they changed their names — Roy Fitzgerald became Rock Hudson, Marion Morrison became John Wayne and Archibald Leach became Cary Grant.

“Come on, stars of today,” she says, “help your audiences remember who you are and give us names we old people can pronounce.”

Biting wit

Clint Dobson says, “The other day my daughter and I visited our 93-year-old neighbor, Norman Sutton of Sutton’s Cleaners, who was sitting on his swing.

“Mr. Sutton bravely fought in World War II at Guadalcanal, Bougainville and Guam, where he manned his BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle).

“As we chatted about his beloved Westminster subdivision, my daughter’s graduation and college plans, I pointed out to him that a mosquito had landed on his forehead.

“Without hesitation, he quickly swatted at it. When I mentioned to him that he had killed it, he said with a big smile, ‘I’m a Marine!’”

Test time

Keith Horcasitas heard an elderly gent use this quote from George Carlin: “I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older. Then it dawned on me ... they’re cramming for the final exam!”

Some compliment!

Pat Alba, of Metairie, says, “As a young mother, I was always delighted by compliments about my 3-year-old daughter, with one exception.

“On one occasion an elderly lady exclaimed, ‘What a beautiful child! She must look like her father!’”

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