Future bright for ‘American Idol’ Quentin Alexander _lowres

Fox photo by MICHAEL BECKER -- New Orleans' Quentin Alexander performs on 'American Idol' Wednesday.

With the “American Idol” competition narrowing to six singers this week, Quentin Alexander can’t help but think, “What if?”

“It’s something that I’m conscious of. I realize that it is a huge possibility that I could be the next American Idol,” the New Orleanian said Monday from Hollywood before heading to a photo shoot and rehearsal. “But it’s very important that I keep doing what I am doing, which is staying present in every moment and giving each performance as much work as if it would be my last.”

But his future looks bright either way, Alexander said.

“Even after ‘American Idol,’ if I don’t win, I think there’s a great deal of work for every single one of us, whether it be with music, or television, or anything. I think all of us have something to gain from this experience.”

Last week, the retail manager/singer learned from guest mentor Jason Derulo how to utilize his falsetto, or higher, vocal range.

“Yeah, he definitely got it out of me. He had me hitting notes that I didn’t know that I could,” Alexander said. “This whole process is really learning what I’m capable of because, I was in the choir and theater but I was never actually vocally trained, so I didn’t really know how far my voice could go, but being in this competition, I’m seriously learning that my voice is really stronger than I expected.”

Getting advice from singer-songwriter Derulo, who also performed his newest song,“Want to Want Me,s” on “Idol” that night, was great, he said.

Alexander feels good heading into Wednesday night’s American Classics-themed ‘Idol’ performance.

“I’m super excited for it. I think it’s going to be one of my best weeks.”