You might say the universe was in control when I came up with the recipes and subject for this week.

All sorts of signs fell into place. I had peaches and blueberries that needed to be used. I overbought sour cream (this happens more than you would think). And, I had the first day of school coming as fast as a sno-ball melts in August.

I decided to make some peach and blueberry muffins to stock my freezer to get us through breakfast for the first couple of weeks of school.

When I started digging out my favorite recipes, I discovered both were made with sour cream. Coincidence? I think not. Not just because I had at least one tub too many in the fridge, but because sour cream is a smart little secret ingredient in baking.

Have you wondered why those classic sour cream pound cakes are so moist and dense? It’s the sour cream.

And if it works for pound cake, it absolutely works for muffins. Sour cream contains fat and acid that tenderizes the gluten in batters, making the finished product creamy and dense.

I hope you’ll enjoy these sweet muffins with your family as you dash out the door for school or work.