He’s baaack!

“Project Runway All Stars II” winner Anthony Ryan Auld put out another winning collection March 6 for New Orleans Fashion Week.

Several audience members literally jumped to their feet to join the roaring applause for the very wearable, fashion-forward looks in his 2013 fall/winter collection.

Several of the styles continued the color blocking the LSU graduate go online to http://www.theadvocate.com/features did so well on “Project Runway All Stars,” but this time the color palette was expanded to include school bus yellow and gray along with his trademark black and electric blue. He also paired an electric blue blouse with a beautifully tailored red pant suit.

“The idea for the collection (The Mind of a Simplistic Forward Thinker) came from basic shapes -— triangles, circles, squares, rectangles — the first things you learn,” said Auld in a post-show conversation. “I wanted to take these simple things and incorporate them into a futuristic look, which is harder than it looks … It’s kind of like something you might see in 20 but made out of plastic.”

Auld also added that his upcoming capsule collection for Nine West will be somewhat based on the looks shown at New Orleans Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, he’s staying extremely busy with post-“Project Runway” commitments and a hush-hush project with fellow “Runway” alum Josh McKiney.

Next in the spotlight was Fashion Week founder and New Orleans designer Andi Eaton, who debuted her Hazel & Florange line.

On her website, http://www.hazelandflorange.com, Eaton describes herself as the “quirky librarian of fashion school” and that was reflected in what she sent down the runway. Floor-length skirts were paired with midriff-bearing tops often featuring Peter Pan-type collars. The accessories went from pastel turbans to fluorescent beanies.

“It’s totally inspired by Louisiana,” Eaton said of the collection in a post-show phone interview. “It has a tropical vibe, Caribbean influence, African influence, Jazz music influence. It’s truly a celebration of Louisiana’s culture.”

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