Baby back ribs frequently go on sale at my grocery store and when they do, I stock up. Typically, barbecue is my favorite go-to dinner, but there are other equally good flavors, and I am trying to branch out.

How often do we go back to the same favorites and neglect trying new choices? Whether we’re talking clothes, books or recipes, something new is good.

If you haven’t cooked baby back ribs in the slow cooker, here’s a quick tutorial. Stand them up, following the interior of the stoneware insert, curling them around the inside. That way, the fat drains downward and they are not sitting in it as it cooks. If you have room in the center, throw in some sliced squash or zucchini.

In this case, spoon the jelly/onion soup mix over ribs before standing them up and spoon remainder over all before closing the lid. No other liquid is needed.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at