NAME: Dodie Albarado, Baton Rouge

AGE: 33

OCCUPATION: NBC and FOX account executive

Tell us about what you’re wearing.

“I’m wearing a blue and white paisley dress made by Favorite.”

What’s the most prominent color in your wardrobe?


What item do you find yourself buying over and over again?


What’s your favorite trend right now?

“Wedge shoes, sundresses and cowgirl boots.”

Finish this sentence. I splurge on …

“Shoes and swimsuits.”

I skimp on ...

“Pajamas. Sorry, hubby.”

Are you a shoe or handbag kind of woman?

“Definitely a shoe person.”

How many pairs do you own?

“I have about 70 pairs. I never have time in the mornings to swap out matching purses.”

Name a celebrity whose closet you’d like to raid.

“Mariah Carey, but just to burn it.”

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?


Your house is on fire and you can grab only one thing out of your closet. What would it be?

“Jeans. Who knows when you’ll ever find another pair that actually fits?”

Make us laugh. What was your biggest fashion mistake?

“Apparently it’s what I wear to bed most nights. Who knew rainbow crocheted socks, plaid leggings and tie-dyed T-shirts are a fashion no-no?”