“I think father-son projects can be very important, especially during such a critical time as the later teenage years. Youth moves by quickly. Before you know it, you’re away from home, studying for collegiate exams and reminiscing about the time you spent with your family as a kid. It’s important to have those connections and close bonds established before nearly everything changes and a new exciting phase of your life begins.”

Age: 17

School: Runnels High School, senior

Parents: Burl Forgey and Lisa Diehl


Books: The works of Edgar Allan Poe, “The Great Gatsby,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “A Christmas Carol” and the graphic novel “The Killing Joke.”

TV shows: “Saturday Night Live,” “Family Guy” and “The Newsroom.”

Movie: “I love movies. Picking a favorite would be impossible, but a few of my favorites are ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Vertigo.’”

Music: “A wide variety — rock, rap, Broadway, Sinatra. And whatever my brother, Henry, recommends.”

Hangout: “My favorite movie theater, Cinemark Perkins Rowe. It is not uncommon to spot my lovely girlfriend and I there on a dark Saturday night.”

Role models: “Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Cary Grant and my grandfather, Richard Diehl.”

Extra: For three years, Quint has been involved in the high school theater program, playing such roles as Gaston in “Beauty and the Beast,” Henry Higgins in “My Fair Lady” and next Danny Zuko in “Grease.” He and his car-loving father spent more than three months converting the family’s old golf cart into a candy-apple Greased Lightnin’ hot rod set piece with working headlights, a horn, two-door access and a pair of red fuzzy dice.

William Taylor

Assistant People editor