Are you down to the wire and need to come up with a treat to take to a party? Hit your pantry.

With flour, sugar, butter, eggs and cocoa, you can make a pan of brownies. I’ve included a recipe for frosting, but if there’s no time for that, give them a dusting of powdered sugar and you’re party ready.

If you’re looking for something on the savory side, think pecans.

A tasty dish of perfectly roasted pecans used to be a staple at holiday parties, but we don’t see them much now. These are different because they have garlic and Tabasco in them.

This recipe for Piquant Roasted Pecans comes together in a flash but does take 45 minutes to bake, so allow yourself a little extra time.

And who doesn’t love a good cheese ball?

With butter, cream cheese, garlic and fresh parsley, you can have a delicious Boursin Cheese Ball. This homemade spread is tastier then the ones you’ll find pre-made in the grocery store. Serve it with crackers or thin slices of toasted French bread.