The biggest and best blueberries are in the stores and at our farmer’s markets now. Those delicious berries with their silvery bloom are especially good this year. That silvery bloom, you know, is their own natural, protective waxy coating.

Take full advantage of these delicious blues by adding a handful to your cold or cooked cereal, in a bowl topped with sour cream (or cream) and brown sugar, or in these recipes.

Blueberries are perishable and are best used soon after purchase. Store them covered, or in their plastic containers, in the refrigerator, but do not wash until you’re ready to use.

I usually make blueberry muffins with my first berries of the season but, this time, I made a big pitcher of blueberry lemonade because it was so hot outside.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at