Over the past century or so, when it wasn’t frittering its time away passing laws, funding the state’s infrastructure and dealing with fiscal nightmares, the Louisiana Legislature has done the vital work of designating the state’s official symbols.

It started in 1900 with a state flower. Then, a flag. Then, a song. Then, before you knew it, we had a state fossil, tartan and meat pie. We’ve got various state animals, a state vegetable (and, for good measure, a state vegetable plant) and a state mineral. And the list goes on.

Which got us wondering: How up-to-speed are our readers on the entities that have achieved official status? How will anybody give proper deference to the official state New Orleans cocktail or the official state judicial poem without knowing what it is?

How well do you know your official state symbols? Take the (unofficial) quiz.


1. State bird:

a) Blue heron
b) Brown pelican
c) Snowy egret
d) White pelican

2. State boat:

a) Bateau
b) Bass boat
c) Pirogue
d) Riverboat casino

3. State symbol:

a) Fleur de lis
b) Pelican
c) Crawfish
d) Les Miles’ hat


4. State colors:

a) Purple, gold, green
b) Black, gold, white
c) Red, white, blue
d) Blue, gold, white

6. State freshwater fish:

a) Largemouth bass
b) Sac-a-lait
c) Choupique
d) Redear sunfish

5. State cuisine:

a) Gumbo
b) Etouffee
c) Jambalaya
d) Zapp’s Potato Chips


7. State reptile:

a) Water moccasin
b) Snapping turtle
c) Alligator
d) Eastern hog-nosed snake

8. State drink:

a) Sweet tea
b) Hurricane
c) Pabst Blue Ribbon
d) Milk

9. State insect:

a) Honeybee
b) Mosquito
c) Love bug
d) Cockroach

10. State song:

a) “Song of Louisiana”
b) “Give Me Louisiana”
c) “You Are My Sunshine”
d) All of the above

Click here for the answers.