“To me, the inauguration lets us know the president’s plan for our country and to know what changes our president would like to make … I was very excited (to attend). I’ve never gotten the chance to do something like that. It made me really proud of my country!”

Age: 17

School: Mentorship Academy, sophomore

Parents: Darrell and Yulanda Knighten


Book: “The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sister Souljah

TV show: “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”

Movie: “Love & Basketball”

Music: “Neva End” with Future and Kelly Rowland

Hangout: Home with friends

Role model: Grandfather

Extra: Brittany Parker is a student government representative and went in January on a school trip to attend President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Nineteen students from Brendan O’Kelly’s and Shana Watson’s classes went. They got to see the Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and MLK memorials/monuments and visited Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon and The Smithsonian Institution’s Natural History and American History museums. They also attended an inaugural ball hosted by the Smithsonian for high school groups from across the country.

William Taylor

Assistant People editor