Photo by Helana Brigman -- For a pretty fall treat, make Candy Pears dipped in dark chocolate and coated with chopped nuts.

Every grown woman has that one treat she just can’t say “no” to. For me, it’s candied apples; I just love them. With their crunchy, chocolate-covered exterior and their crispy, sweet apple insides, candied apples invoke my favorite fall flavors. And, they’re fun to eat!

This recipe for Candy Pears was born out of my love for classic candied apples. Made similarly, Candy Pears are dipped in melted dark chocolate and rolled in nuts. I’ve suggested walnuts in the recipe , but you can easily substitute chopped pecans, or skip the nuts altogether.

What’s great about this recipe’s variation is the gentle texture of ripe Asian pears. Because ripe red pears are softer than their crispy apple counterparts, they’re easier to bite into and half the work. Before you get started, try this important, but helpful tip: make sure to watch your chocolate closely.

Chocolatiers call this process “tempering,” meaning the chocolate should be melted and cooled between 115 F and 125 F so that it sets up and hardens properly.

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