Barber Dwight Cason says he was cutting a customer’s hair the other day when the guy told of an April Fool prank he and some buddies played on a friend.

A buddy who owned a used-car lot acquired a car identical to one owned by the victim. The guys waited until he was away from his car for a while, then put the other car in its place.

When the victim got back to “his” car, he found his key wouldn’t open the doors.

From a vantage point they watched the poor guy scratching his head and trying time and again to get in the car.

Finally, when he want off mumbling to himself, probably to find his other set of keys, they took the substitute car back to the lot and put the victim’s car in its place.

They were waiting when the victim came back, and listened sympathetically as he told of his problem.

“Let me try that key,” said one of the perpetrators. And, of course, he opened the car door with no problem.

They waited an hour of so until they finally had mercy on the perplexed victim and told him of their prank. Dwight did not say how the guy received the news...

Nostalgia Corner

Mention of celebrities reminded Beverly DeGeorge, of Covington, of her childhood in the ’40s, and “Aunt Jane’s Letter Club.”

“It covered one whole page of the Sunday newspaper. Youngsters were encouraged to write to pen pals. I had pals in England, France, Ireland and Cuba.

“We could also send in articles. When movie star Roddy McDowell appeared at the old St. Charles Theater in New Orleans, I interviewed him. Also singer Connie Boswell.

“At the end of summer there was a picnic by the bandstand in Audubon Park, and we met other club members and rode in the swan boat.”

Graduation memories

Responding to mentions of long-ago school reunions, we heard from these readers:

— Inez “Nez” Landry, of Donaldsonville, says, “In 1938 the Belle Rose High graduation had only one boy and seven girls. Three of the girls are still living. My aunt, Mary Alice Bergeron Prejean, and I finished that year.”

— T. Med Hogg, of Baton Rouge, says, “I graduated in 1939 in a class of 162 students in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. It was such a large class because it was the only high school in the county.

“I walked down the aisle in the gymnasium with Maridel Howard, now Reed, to get my diploma.

“At 93, we still keep in touch on the Internet. I sometimes tease her that when I sat behind her in class I would pull her pigtails and dip them in the inkwell.”

Thank-you note

Jim Duplantis thanks Edwin, owner of Ivar’s, and staff members Savannah and Caitlin for “letting us have this favorite place” of his late wife, Kathy, one Sunday afternoon for a gathering of her friends.

Jim and Kathy were married 46 years before her death in March, and he wanted people involved in various aspects of her life to come together.

So the event was attended by “friends from her class of ’68 from Crowley High, friends from Baton Rouge and friends from the Loyal Order of Disorder Parrothead Club.”

Years ago Kathy, along with Pat McBride, introduced me to the Parrotheads — ardent fans of Jimmy Buffett and his lifestyle.

Kathy was a joyous soul, and a “phlocking” (as a gathering of Parrotheads is called) at a favorite watering hole was a perfect way to honor her.

French connection

Knowing of my fondness for the Official Bird of Spanish Town, the pink flamingo, Marvin Borgmeyer thoughtfully sent me a photo of an apartment building in Paris, with pink flamingos proudly displayed in two balcony windows.

Special People Dept.

Wesley Denham celebrates his 94th birthday on Saturday, May 23.

Skirting the issue

Susan Koehler says, “My daughter, some friends and I had the opportunity to be extras in the Disney movie ‘Stuck in the Suburbs’ when some of the scenes were shot in Lafreniere Park in Metairie.

“We were in the distant background of one of the shots, so don’t try to find us. We barely could find ourselves.

“One of the stars of the movie was Taran Killam, who is now on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

“We met him during one of the breaks in filming, and he was a really nice young man.

“In conversation, he said he was concerned that his career would be adversely affected because he had to wear a skirt in one of the scenes of an earlier movie, ‘Big Fat Liar.’

“I told him not to worry, and reminded him that wearing women’s clothing was not a problem for Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. He was happy for that reminder.”

(From my observations of festive occasions there, it’s also not a problem for a lot of guys in the New Orleans area.)

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