Just as we clean out our closets and kitchen cabinets periodically, perhaps we might consider doing the same with our recipes. You will know the ones you need to cull when you see them.

Remember the old recipe cards? Yes, I said old, because today, recipes are more likely to be online or in some sort of digital storage, not in a box we keep on the kitchen counter.

Don’t forget, however, those old friends and loved ones you are likely to find in that box.

As I cleaned out my own box recently, I found myself tearing up over finding recipes in my late mother’s handwriting and a Christmas punch from an old friend who recently passed away.

Some of them were recipes clipped from magazines and newspapers of years past, carefully taped, but brittle with age. Some were less than desirable to me today, either too much work, or too unhealthy in a variety of ways. Those were pitched. The others I saved but will update how I store them.

Scan recipes into digital storage or copy for cookbook “albums,” as a librarian once told me she did for her favorite recipes. If they are handwritten in ink, the ink may be faded. Decipher and type it out and into your computer before it’s further damaged.

So, hours and more than a few tears later, memories and old friends joined me in the kitchen. My old recipe for sugar cookies turned out as hard as rocks. That recipe was tossed.

The following one is a keeper and adapted well to slow cooking.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at juliekay6122@gmail.com.