Erryca Robicheaux talks her Top Five favorite regional artists _lowres

Photo provided by Erryca Robicheaux -- Erryca Robicheaux, a regional director with Kyros, talks about her favorite local and regional artists.

To say Erryca Robicheaux is a busy bee is an understatement.

After graduating from LSU in 2002, the Lafayette native worked for awhile in Baton Rouge, then traveled to Boston for film school and San Diego.

She’s back in Louisiana, working with Kyros/Business Photos America, a Google Street View Trusted Program. She is a certified Google corporate outreach agent, helping businesses in the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas update their listings with virtual tours and the Street View program.

In person, she’s a firecracker. She loves Louisiana, and moreover, she loves local art.

In the midst of traveling between those three cities, Robicheaux took some time to list her top five favorite Baton Rouge artists.

1) Brittany Lee Howard, painter

“Brittany’s paintings are abstract but still manage to move you in the same way as a love song or a romantic movie. I always get all of the feels when I see her art.”

2) Caroline Boudreaux, painter

“Caroline’s work is bold and fun. If you can look at it and not smile, then you have no soul. Just kidding ... kind of.”

3) Ceux, street artist

“I fell in love with Ceux’s style and technique while watching him freehand a portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the MLK Day of Service this year. His talent is equal to his passion. He definitely embodies all of the best qualities of the street art movement.”

4) Collin Richie, photographer

“On the surface, Collin is a wedding photographer, but he understands the human spirit and is able to capture it in such a way that his wedding photos are as moving as some of the most famous portrait photographers that I have seen.”

5) Richie Briggs, tattoo artist

“Richie is super fun to work with. He enjoys the design process as much as the inking. His lines are sharp and precise, which makes his tattoos bold and clean and really fun to look at.”