I just found another reason to love Pat Shingleton.

The other day, the venerable TV weatherman was talking about the current Baton Rouge heat wave, and I was watching in a rather desultory manner.

Then he got my attention.

Telling of things to do to deal with the sweltering days, he listed:

Wear light clothing

Stay hydrated

Engage in minimal activity

“Minimal activity!” I exclaimed. “I can do that. I’ve built a whole career around minimal activity!”

Thank you, Patrick, on behalf of all sedentary folks out there.

That’s entertainment?

Audrey F. Schilling, of Baton Rouge, says, “Your recent ‘accent’ series reminds me of the late 1950s, when I was ‘girl Friday’ for a small company supplying gamma ray cameras and isotopes used in industrial testing as well as shipbuilding.

“When I telephoned one shipbuilder up ‘Nawth,’ the manager would interrupt the conversation to yell, ‘Youse guys pick up, it’s that little girl from Louisiana.’

“The Louisiana drawl did not dampen sales.”

Colorful convicts

After I mentioned prisoners wearing orange as they worked picking up trash along roadsides, I heard from Walter B. Merrill, of Plano, Texas:

“I always have to tell my LSU friends that around Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the University of Tennessee Big Orange, prisoners wear purple and gold!”

Disarming news

Dudley Lehew, of Denham Springs, says, “The morning news says the federal government wants to restrict Social Security payments to gun owners ‘who are unable to manage their own affairs due to marked subnormal intelligence, mental illness, incompetency,’ etc.

“Sounds like most of Congress will be affected!”

English 101

Lucille O’Neal, of Denham Springs, continues our no doubt fruitless effort to improve the language:

“Seems some folks must think that ‘me’ is a dirty word, and therefore overkill the word ‘I.’

“Wrong: ‘I would like for you and I to go to the movies.’

“Should be: ‘I would like for you and me to go to the movies.

“A good way to remember is that you would never say ‘I would like for you to go to the movies with I.’

“Rather, you would say, ‘I would like for you to go to the movies with me.’”

Cajun 101

Judy Riffel says the Cajun word “zambara,” referring to a log jam or debris in a stream or bayou, “is derived from ‘des embarras,’ which is some sort of obstruction or trouble.

“The ‘z’ sound is the result of elision, like zydeco (‘des haricots’), zwa (‘des oie’) or zozo (‘des oiseau’).”

Public Service Dept.

Joe F. Cannon says, “Thanks for the mention of the free sign available at Broadmoor Baptist Church.

“Five burly Baptists from Bluff Creek Baptist Church came Monday and removed the sign. They will use it at their location.

“Just another day in Smiley’s service to the community!”

Lost and not found

“I recently joined a Facebook group that puts up old pictures of Baton Rouge,” says Patrick Reynolds.

“As you might expect, the Paramount Theater came up.

“Someone in the group mentioned that the organ from the theater ended up in Jackson, Mississippi, and the lighted sign and marquee were used at a restaurant on Stumberg Lane.

“I am trying to find out if the sign is still around anywhere, as well as any other items from the theater (seats, statues, ticket booth, etc.)

“Can you put this subject out there for discussion?”

Flat nice people

Keith Horcasitas thanks the “tire pro” at the Allied Tire Shop on Staring Lane in Baton Rouge for fixing his riding lawn mower tire flat and putting in a new tube — after Keith figured out it wasn’t the same as putting a new tube in his banana bike tire when he was a kid in New Orleans.

When he went to pick up the fixed tire, the owner said, “No charge” — but Keith did tip the tire pro.

By the numbers

Kelan Madore says Barbara McKasle’s observation in the Friday column that “where two or more are gathered” you will also find political candidates, “reminded me of the Wednesday Night Bourre Social Aid & Pleasure Club.

“Whenever you see four members gathered, there’s bound to be a fifth.”

Gold standard

Ernie Gremillion says, “Seeing the story about the Brinks car in the funeral procession (which prompted the question of ‘taking it with you’) reminds me of this story:

“A very wealthy man was given a wish by God for a good deed he had done. His wish was to take his wealth with him.

“When he died, he met St. Peter at the gates with a suitcase full of gold, explaining God’s granting of his request.

“Upon seeing the gold, St. Peter exclaimed, ‘You brought PAVEMENT with you?’”

Contacting Smiley

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