Joe Patti’s Seafood Co. has been selling wholesale seafood to the public since 1931.

Giuseppe “Joe” Patti started the fish market in Pensacola, Florida, in the early ’30s, and his son Frank Patti continues to run the company today.

Vacationers come to see the business that has grown from a small mom-and-pop operation to a tourist attraction. Visitors are amazed at the enormous volume of fresh seafood filling bins that stretch from one end of the building to another. A wine shop, gourmet shop, prepared foods section, delicatessen, sushi bar and gift shop are also located in the warehouse.

On a good week, workers at Joe Patti’s Seafood will retail 10,000 pounds of shrimp. The wholesale seafood company ships seafood to customers in every state, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Frank Patti shared some favorite recipes.