“It’s important to study classics and classical languages because our society owes so much to Ancient Greece and Rome. Learning Latin or Ancient Greek helps a student understand English grammar and literature better. But more importantly, it’s fun. Latin is fun. Studying classics is not only enriching, but enjoyable.”

Age: 16

School: Runnels High School, junior

Parents: Dennis and Karen Mitchell


Book: “1984” by George Orwell

TV show: “Dr. Phil”

Movie: “Lenny the Wonder Dog”

Music: Disco

Hangout: The library

Role model: Marcus Tullius Cicero (a Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar and writer)

Extra: Matt Mitchell is Runnels chapter president of the Junior Classical League and is also in Mu Alpha Theta, the mathematics honor society. He was elected state board Junior Classical League president at this year’s state convention, Feb. 22-24 at the Baton Rouge Holiday Inn – South. As state president, he will attend the national JCL conference in Las Vegas this summer and organize and preside over the 2014 state convention in Baton Rouge. He has been studying Latin at Runnels since the seventh-grade.

William Taylor

Assistant People editor