Each week The Advocate asks a different ?quiz taker? for his or her current favorites in pop culture.

QUIZ TAKER: Ray Gaspard, 57, creative director/actor/singer.

WHAT I?M LISTENING TO: ?Talk radio mostly...and I hate to say it, but I think they stopped making music after Steely Dan.?Although I really like that Michael Buble.?

WHAT I?M READING: ?I?m in the process of reading Leo Honeycutt?s ?Edwin Edwards (Governor of Louisiana).? Leo and I go way back, and speaking of the black hole of history...I?m 57 now but I have a newspaper photo with Edwin from my high school senior year...and yes, he was the governor...you do the math.?

WHAT I?M WATCHING: ?I?m kind of a news junkie, but I always enjoy a good movie. ?Tombstone,? ?Dances With Wolves,? ?Lord of the Rings? trilogy are a few I can?t not watch. I?ve been enjoying HBO?s ?Games of Thrones? as well as ?Treme.? Of course the latter is more research than anything. I?ve auditioned three times for that series, and I?m hoping to find out what they are looking for by watching the characters closely.?

WHERE I?M SURFING (ON THE INTERNET): ?Don?t spend a lot of time surfing. Facebook, YouTube. Usually it?s something boring to most people, work-related, with my job as creative director for (the Fields Group) a local advertising agency.?

WHAT?S YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE?: ?I can only pick one? Well, I?d have to say top of the list is very simple?creating my own little piece of paradise?MY HOME. I?m kind of a projects guy, built my own workshop so I can have a place to do all those home improvements. However it does transform to a man cave, for those times when my wife, Jaci, gets fed up with me.?


How did you get into acting and what?s your favorite role to date?

?WOW! Talk about the black hole of history.

I?d have to say it was the second grade playing Joseph in a Christmas Nativity. I got one earful of that audience response and that as they say was that.

Favorite role to date...that?s a hard one, but I?d have to say Max Bialystock in ?The Producers.? Thanks to BRLT, got to do him a couple (of) years ago in the first non-union production in the ?World.?Of course I do love me some Tevye from ?Fiddler on the Roof.??