The Weather Channel was on the telly Monday morning, focused on the upcoming blizzard in the Northeast.

There was an extended segment on snow shoveling — the proper motion of the shovel, the importance of keeping your back straight, etc.

I realized as I watched that this was a skill I had never mastered.

As a matter of fact, the only winter weather problem I encountered driving to work was the sun shining so brightly that I had to put on my shades.

As I did so, it occurred to me that, given the multitude of problems in Louisiana these days, excessive snowfall might be the only one we DON’T have...

Know your wine

It seems Tommy Watts knows more about cheap wine than I do.

After I recalled a radio commercial from my college days, for Gypsy Rose wine, I heard from Tommy with this correction:

“You appear to have combined two jingles, one for Gypsy Rose and one for Thunderbird.

“The Gypsy Rose jingle was ‘Everybody Knows Gypsy Rose.’

“The Thunderbird pitch was, ‘What’s the word? Thunderbird. What’s the price? Thirty twice. What’s the action? Satisfaction.’

“Local iconic DJ Diggy-Do was big on Thunderbird, and uttered its jingle numerous times during his shows.

“My quotes come only after extensive research on the subject conducted some time ago...”

Sweet memories

Dudley Lehew, of Denham Springs, says, “Reader remembrances of ’50s and ’60s radio disc jockey quips and commercials remind me of Jobie Martin of WOKJ in Jackson, Mississippi, whose show was sponsored by Brer Rabbit Syrup.

“His pitch: ‘Get the habit. Get Brer Rabbit. There ain’t no stoppin’ when you start soppin’!’”

Two in a cave

Our “small world” stories get more and more unlikely:

“Almost 40 years ago,” says a reader, “I interviewed for a job at a large bank in New Orleans.

“I got the job, and the agreement was that I could first take a planned vacation out West.

“At the bottom of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, a lady came up to me with a really curious look on her face and asked, ‘How do I know you?’

“I told her she had recently interviewed me for a job at First NBC. We both had a good laugh.”

Doggone irritating

A reader says neighbors walk two large dogs by her house once or twice a day.

“They carry a plastic bag, but it must be a fashion statement,” she says.

She’s yelled at them a couple of times about the deposits their pets leave on her lawn, but her complaints are ignored.

She says East Baton Rouge Parish has a law against this, but wonders how to go about reporting her problem, and if anything will be done about it.

She asks, “Smiley, what would you do?”

My solution involves a big, mean, dog-hating cat to be let out of the house at the proper moment — but that’s probably not the answer she was looking for...

Thank-you note

Patricia thanks the “petite blonde” who came to her aid Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Government Street post office when she was inexplicably confronted by an irate woman:

“I didn’t get her name, and I’d like to thank her properly,” she says. Patricia’s at (225) 615-7130.

Special People Dept.

Sister Angela Bergeron celebrated her 100th birthday at Our Lady of Wisdom health care center in New Orleans on Monday, Jan. 26. She entered the convent of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in 1933.

America Rodriguez Guiterrez, of Metairie, celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday, Jan. 26.

Vera Bryant, of Holden, formerly of Baton Rouge, celebrated her 97th birthday on Saturday, Jan. 24.

On Monday, Jan. 26, J.D. Wells celebrated his 92nd birthday. He is an Advocate retiree.

Frankie and Freddie Whitford celebrated their 62nd anniversary on Friday, Jan. 23.

Harold and Marian Ballard, of Central, celebrated their 62nd anniversary on Thursday, Jan. 22.

Herman and Mary Faye Kralemann celebrated 57 years of marriage on Saturday, Jan. 24.

Herman and June Carbo, of Harvey, celebrated their 50th anniversary, on Jan. 9, in style — with a limousine ride to a surprise party at Commander’s Palace.

Bad Tigers! Bad!

Shirley Nesom says, “I took my granddaughter to the LSU-New Mexico football game this past fall.

“Zoey is 5, and is very attentive to everything going on.

“When the referee said, ‘Time out, LSU!’ she immediately asked me, ‘MeMe, does LSU have to go to time-out?’

“I told her they did. Then she asked me where they had to sit. I told her on the bench.

“She thought they had done something bad, and was intently looking at all of the ‘bad’ players on the bench. All of the fans sitting around us were laughing. She is so precious!”

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