Baton Rouge’s Hanley’s Foods to release Créole Ranch in the next few weeks _lowres

Photo by Richard Hanley -- Creole Ranch is latest dressing from Hanley's.

Richard Hanley’s product line continues to grow.

Hanley is the owner of Hanley’s Foods. To date, his company has made four salad dressings that are plant-based and allergen-free, including the popular Sensation and Avocado dressings.

In a few weeks’ time, Hanley will add a Créole Ranch salad dressing to his product line.

The announcement comes just three months after the company’s Ranch dressing was launched.

“The Ranch launch went great,” Hanley said. “We had a great response from it. We consider this a line extension for our brand.”

The new dressing has a custom cayenne pepper mash blend mixed with Hanley’s Ranch. Créole Ranch will be available at Rouses, Red Stick Spice Company, Fresh Pickins, Matherne’s, Calandro’s, LeBlanc’s, and Alexander’s Highland Market.

Hanley said he started working on the dressing while working on the original Ranch.

“I started toying with it as a joke,” he said. “At the Ranch launch party, we made six or so bottles so people could sample it. People were obsessed with it.”

In addition to Créole Ranch, Hanley said he is working on some new dressings, including a balsamic and bleu cheese dressing.

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