Southerners have always liked a well-seasoned pimento and cheese spread. Each family had its favorite way of mixing the spread and what went into it. Some families liked it creamy with lots of homemade mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish, others only liked it made with sharp hoop cheese, Miracle Whip salad dressing and dill pickles.

Pimento cheese stuffed celery and dainty pimento cheese finger sandwiches were mainstays on party tables for years. For the past two years, pimento cheese has made a big comeback.

Add various cheeses and season the spread with any herb or spice you like and eat it on crackers, celery, hamburgers, vegetable slices and steak. Or, just enjoy it grilled on good bread. I saw it in scrambled eggs recently.

This is a good pimento cheese spread recipe with lots of extras added. I like to serve it as a sandwich with sliced cucumbers. The chopped fresh parsley and nuts add flavor and the right amount of texture to the spread.

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