Last week, Irish rock band U2 released its 14th studio album, "Songs of Experience." 

Like everything the band has done in the past 20 years, the new album is full of ho-hum lyrics, overdramatic flourishes and grand choruses. Eyeroll-inducing track titles include "Love Is All We Have Left," "You're the Best Thing About Me," "Get Out of Your Own Way," and "Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way." 

Naturally, Rolling Stone gave it 4½ stars and named it the third best album of the year. 

But this isn't one of the best albums of the year. "Songs of Experience" is so bad it made me think of 10 fake albums I'd rather hear.  

10. "Yoda Sings Christmas Carols" 

9. "Scott Stapp: Unplugged"  

8. "Lady Gaga's Yoga Mixtape: 120 hours of hot yoga humming" 

7. "The Butts Orchestra presents 'We Made These Sounds With Our Butts' "

6. "Just laughin'!" by Fran Drescher

5. "Sounds of Traffic: Music for cars and brass by 2,500 musicians" by Steve Reich 

4. "Even More Songs about Buildings and Food for White People to Dance to" by David Byrne 

3. "America is the best, and to hell with you" by Toby Keith

2. "Conversations: Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking" 

1. "Kim Jong Un's Missiles for Dummies" 

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