Since I started doing this column 100 years or so ago, a constant feature has been stories from proud grandparents about things their adorable grandchildren have said or done.

I get relatively few of these kinds of stories from parents, which I guess is understandable.

Moms and dads are busy with the day-to-day job of raising the kids, while grandparents can sit back and enjoy the cute things they come up with.

And sometimes what Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw think hilarious is rather less amusing to Mom and Dad.

For instance, take this story from Bill Rochel, of Metairie:

“I am the granddad of 8-year-old Elizabeth Grace Rice.

“Elizabeth does not live in this area, so we communicate via email.

“Evidently there was a disagreement about something Elizabeth wanted to do, but Mom said no.

“Elizabeth wrote, ‘I just don’t understand her, Granddad — sometimes she acts like a 2-year-old!’ ”

Cutting remark

Darrell Davis joins our discussion of ’70s fashions, reminding us that back then, hair length was a VERY big deal indeed:

“In 1973, I was very much in fashion, with my hair over my ears and down my neck.

“In July of that year, I came from Houston to Baton Rouge to interview for a job with Godchaux’s department store.

“Before coming over, I stopped by a new barber to get a trim.

“After he finished, he spun the chair around for me to inspect his work.

“I gasped. Not only were my hippie locks gone, so was my comb-over. I was bald.

“I went meekly into the interview, but came out with the job.

“Funny thing is, if I had come over with the long hair, there was no way Godchaux’s would have hired me.”

Nice People Dept.

Keith Horcasitas says on a visit to his hometown, New Orleans, he dropped by Guy’s PoBoys on Magazine Street, which a friend had recommended.

“I decided to try one of their specials, the alligator po-boy, which was only $9.95 for a large (a foot long)!

“When I went to pay by credit card, I was told they only take cash there.

“Since I only had two fives and a little change, I told the check-out guy that I’d downsize to the six-inch for $7.50 — at which he took a $1 bill out of the tip jar and said, ‘No problem, us ‘Guys’ got you covered!’

“He even gave me the change, which I, of course, put into the tip jar!

“I’m gonna send a belated REAL tip to that guy at Guy’s, and spread the word about another great ‘Naturally N’awlins’ place, as the late and beloved Frank Davis always noted.”

The D-Day movie

Ronnie Abboud says Tom Blakey of New Orleans, a D-Day paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne, joined Dr. Nick Mueller, president/CEO of the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., for a reception and screening of the new Imax 3-D documentary, “D-Day Normandy 1944.”

Ronnie says the 500 guests were “wowed” by narrator Tom Brokaw’s interview with Blakely and Mueller.

Looking for stuff

“I’m feeling a bit nostalgic,” says Charles Clark.

He’s looking for a picture of “a sign from my old haunts: the ‘A Bear’ sign atop Charles H. Hebert’s stores on Scenic Highway across from the Exxon (Esso) plant.”

If you have one, he’s at

Special People Dept.

  • Bertha Prochaska O’Neal, of Heritage Manor of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 101st birthday on Saturday, May 31.
  • Brother Eldon Crifasi celebrates his 92nd birthday on Friday, May 30.

    Earlan G. Ourso, of Bayou Vista, celebrates her 91st birthday on Saturday, May 31.

    Monsignor Francis Amedee, of Thibodaux, celebrates his 90th birthday on Sunday, June 1. He has been a priest for 66 years.

    Wayne and Charlie Ann Eues, of Berwick, celebrate their 50th anniversary on Friday, May 30.

Complaint department

Patrick Howard says this about our mention of the new “smart” mattresses:

“Speaking of mattresses, I bought one of those mattresses with the ‘memory foam,’ and two days later it developed amnesia and couldn’t remember who I was.”

Labor day

Algie Petrere says the moral of this story is “Don’t mess with older ladies:”

A feisty 70-year-old woman had to call a furnace repairman.

“After a quick inspection, the man put some oil into the motor and handed her a $70 bill for labor.

“Labor charges!” she exclaimed. “It only took you five minutes.”

The repairman explained that his company had a minimum one-hour charge on every house call.

“Well, I want my remaining 55 minutes of labor,” the lady responded, and she handed him a rake.

The repairman spent the next 55 minutes in her yard bagging leaves.

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