Gordon Hutchinson adds to our story about the Louisiana alligator hunt by cowboy movie star Roy Rogers:

“The Morning Advocate ran an article on the hunt, describing Roy standing on the dock waiting for his guide to bring up the boat so they could go find him an alligator to shoot.

“Roy (as described by the Morning Advocate) was standing at the end of the dock in full cowboy regalia — boots, hat, Western shirt and two silver revolvers, when a local Cajun paddled up to the dock in his pirogue.

“The Cajun steadied himself with one hand on the dock, looked Rogers up and down, and then said, ‘Man, who you t’ink you are? Roy Rogers?’

“The article said Rogers almost fell in the bayou, he started laughing so hard.

“Since it was published in the paper, it had to be true, right?”

Welcome, strangers

Don Ernest, of Gretna, comments on the wholesale changes in the New Orleans Saints’ personnel made during the offseason:

“This coming season, Saints fans will understand the true meaning of ‘WHO DAT!’

“People watching Saints games will be asking:

“Who dat caught that pass?

“Who dat scored that touchdown?

“Who dat made that tackle?”

Musical memories

Marilyn Percy says the death of Baton Rouge singer Percy Sledge brought back this memory:

“During my senior year in 1970 at your old alma mater, Istrouma, I had an ultra-cool art teacher, Mrs. Doris Zagami.

“She let us bring record albums to school to listen to during our art class.

“Being a poor north Baton Rouge girl, I only owned a few records, but I did have a Percy Sledge album to contribute to our collection.

“I’m pretty sure we listened to it almost every day that year. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Sledge (and Mrs. Zagami).”

Movie memories

Continuing our stories of cowboy movie stars:

— Dan Brown says, “I wonder if readers remember Johnny Mack Brown?

“He and John Wayne were starting out about the same time.

“Brown played football for the University of Alabama when Bama went to the Rose Bowl, where he was ‘discovered’ as a movie actor.

“I, as a lad born in 1935, can remember this because Brown shared my family name.”

— Mike Lukacin says, “Never met any movie cowboys, but I did meet Tarzan.

“Back in the early ’70s Johnny Weissmuller came into the lounge at the old Holiday Inn South.

“He was in town selling Esther Williams’s pools. And yes, he did rattle a few glasses with his Tarzan yell!”

Pasta places

More additions to our seminar on the long “drinking straw” pasta, bucatini:

— Bryan says, “Conseco’s Market, 5217 Elysian Fields in New Orleans, features hot lunches during the week. They sometimes use bucatini for their mac ’n’ cheese. It is fantastic. Super creamy and heavy on the cheese. These long noodles really hold onto the sauce and make it a great side to their entrees.”

— Alma Mims, of Mandeville, says, “Speaking of those L-O-N-G pasta straws (bucatini), you might want to try Pontchartrain Poboys in Mandeville. Darrell, the owner, was blown in from Chalmette by one of those unwelcome hurricanes. Had some yesterday — how awesome with that roast beef gravy on top.”

Aging process

“Do you want an example of how times have changed?”, asks Chick St. Germaine, of Harahan:

“In the past, I would go in the yard and work for an hour, then go inside and rest for five minutes.

“Now, I work for five minutes and go inside and rest for an hour.

“It’s true! I just did it.”

Help for Nepal

Mary and Paul Bell, a host family to three Nepalese students attending LSU, say the Nepalese Student Association at LSU is collecting funds to help those affected by the disastrous earthquake. The website is gofundme.com/HelpNEPAL-NSA.

Special People Dept.

Jerry and Elsie Yarbrough, of White Castle, celebrate their 60th anniversary on Friday, May 1.

Scary game?

Paul Major says, “The article in Saturday’s Advocate about the Tigers’ win Friday over A&M quoted Paul Mainieri saying that the Tigers ‘did what it took to eek out’ a victory.

“I have a feeling that Coach Mainieri was thinking more in terms of having to eke out a victory, no matter how thrilling the game was.”

Old and alone

Doug Johnson, of Watson, says, “I notice there are more people celebrating 90-plus birthdays than usual.

“As people live longer, you could run out of column space listing them.

“Perhaps trends in divorce will free up some space by reducing the number of people celebrating anniversaries.”

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