Often, I am reminded that I can only control so much. I want to cook and eat the freshest ingredients possible, but sometimes a little craving guides my way.

Last weekend, I had an urge for a really rich and velvety sauce. I tinkered with a brown butter sauce and came up with a recipe that gives this basic a delicious twist. The key is to let the butter brown, but not burn.

I added a little “sauce” to the sauce, pouring in some bourbon to add a rich depth of flavor.

The result was a nutty and silky sauce that added a hearty tastiness to the fresh-cut sirloins we picked up from a local meat market.

At the farmers market, there were some tender root vegetables and some dark leafy greens. I’ve been boosting my iron with kale lately, so I decided to try a few other greens.

We picked up some Bright Lights chard and fresh carrots for a healthy and pretty, multicolored side dish. Almost all the cruciferous variations of greens like spinach, kale and chard are high in vitamin K and vitamin A. Avoid soaking them in water to ensure you get as much of their nutrients as you can.

I love being a little lost when I show up to the market or my local store. That’s when I let the Louisiana seasons guide my menu.

Our winter weather has been a bit unpredictable this year — of course, we could probably say that every year. Farmers are working hard to balance what’s coming in with what’s on its way out. Some fruits and vegetables are lingering longer than usual and some are turning up early. So just go with the flow.