With a boost from Stone Energy, Lafayette Middle School gets a makeover _lowres

Advocate staff photo by BRYAN TUCK -- Stone Energy is responsible for several improvement projects that have taken place at several local schools, such as the addition of a fence around the front lawn of Lafayette Middle School.

With LSU footballers facing what would seem to be an, uh, character-building year, readers are harking back to better days for the Tigers:

Ronnie Melancon, of Gretna, comments on Roy Pitchford’s mention of LSU’s two 62-0 football victories over Tulane:

“The 62-0 margin of victory against the Green Wave happened THREE times.

“Andy Pilney, Tulane’s coach, had that happen to him twice, in 1958 and 1961.

“Tommy O’Boyle was named head coach in 1962, and said a coach should never put himself in a position to lose 62-0!

“Well, in 1965 he joined the club! He resigned after that humiliating defeat.”

The Tampa Bay Crawfish?

Patrick Howard, of Zachary, says, “While watching the New Orleans/Tampa Bay game, my wife, Carolyn, who really isn’t a game watcher, mentioned that the Bucs looked like big crawfish.

“This was due to all the red in their uniforms, and the pink gloves most players were wearing.”

He says that perhaps if the Saints had realized this, they could have had them for lunch instead of having to go into overtime for a win.

Patrick also made a reference to “Buc-an-eer” corn that I deemed unworthy for inclusion in this dignified column…

Old times

Ruth Brown says, “Like Dudley Lehew, I too remember old Baton Rouge:

“The empty property on Eugene Street, across from Baton Rouge High School, was used for carnivals with side shows, cotton candy, etc.

“Louis Inn, on Government and Eugene streets, was where you could dine, dance, get a good ice cream cone, etc. Also, a cheap date was to drive to the back parking lot, order nickel Cokes and ‘smooch’ the evening away.

“‘Smooching’ and nickel Cokes were also enjoyed at the Chanticleer Inn on Government Street, across from Louis Inn.

“Bear in mind, I was too young for the above activities — but I heard rumors.

“Also, the streetcar route was Main Street to Dufrocq Street to Government Street and on to Lafayette Street. When my family had visitors, and no car, this was the route they were taken to see the city.

“I have taxed my memory enough for today.”

The retiring kind

Fellow columnist and friend Gibbens Robichaux, of Thibodaux, says he’s shutting down his column, “Tidbits,” in the Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

He did the column for 16 years, and promises to provide this column with the kind of local tidbits he used to fill his former column.

For instance, he promises to let me know “when they complete that new cooking school at Nicholls State.”

And perhaps some sampling of the students’ dishes would be in order…

Special deliveries

The above-mentioned Gibbens Robichaux, of Thibodaux, offers special thanks to Art Lasseigne, who delivers his Advocate every day:

“He is amazing. Someone had been stealing my Sunday paper, so he now brings it to my doorstep. He even picked up my garbage cans off the street last week. I am sure you all have plenty like that.”

Worthy causes

Tom Nielsen says the 65th annual Downtown Kiwanis Pancake Day — Saturday, Oct. 11, from 6 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at LSU’s Pete Maravich Assembly Center, is offering lagniappe this year.

In addition to all the pancakes you can eat, plus Manda sausage and hoghead cheese, and milk and coffee, flu shots are being offered.

Tom says all the profits from the event “go back into the community, to the needy and deserving.”

Special People Dept.

Seida Broussard, of Gonzales, celebrated her 95th birthday on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

Melva LeBlanc celebrated her 93rd birthday on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

Richard Pastorek celebrates his 90th birthday on Thursday, Oct. 9. He is a U.S. Navy veteran, having served in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Celebrating his 90th birthday on Thursday, Oct. 9, is Ed Tunstall, former editor of the Times-Picayune and bureau chief for the Associated Press in New Orleans.

Merle and Dayle Wilging celebrated their 70th anniversary on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

Slip of the tongue

John Ricca says, “Stories of WAFB-TV weatherman Tex Carpenter reminded me of the night Sid Crocker was describing the weather down South at the weather map when suddenly he turned around, looked into the camera and asked, ‘Did I just say Alabamy?’”

Grin and bare it

John de Mond says, “We were surprised to read in Monday’s sports section that the Tennessee Titan’s Bernard Pollard ‘watched the second half on the sidelines wearing only a long-sleeve T-shirt with some white tape around his wrist.’

“There’s been talk about the oversaturation of football in this country, and this definitely sounds like a case of overexposure.”

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