Think about making this cobbler for your Father’s Day dessert if you can find some nice peaches. Most dads would gladly welcome fresh peach cobbler with a scoop of ice cream melting on the top.

The peaches I used sat on my counter for a couple of days, so they were perfectly ripened.

This is not your typical cobbler where the fruit is nestled between a rolled-out or lattice crust. This one’s easier to make. You don’t have to roll the dough out, it’s simply dropped by spoonfuls over the prepared peaches. As it bakes, the biscuit-like mounds puff-up a little. The tops get golden brown, and the bottoms soak up some of the peach juice. There’s a pinch of nutmeg in the batter that compliments the peach filling.

Remember, cobbler is only as good as the fruit in it. The peaches I bought were juicy and “peachy” tasting. They were the clingstone variety, meaning the fruit does not pull away from the pit. The clingstones are usually the early peaches, arriving in May and June. They’re great to eat out of your hand, but a little harder to cut into nice slices. The delicious flavor was worth cutting around the pit.

The other variety, freestone, easily pulls away from the pit, and they’re a lot easier to cut into more uniform slices.

In this recipe, the sliced peaches are cooked for a short time in sugar, lemon and cornstarch and that makes the syrup. Don’t overcook them.

The hot peaches are spooned into the baking dish and put in the preheating oven until you make the batter and spoon it over the top.

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