Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Slow-cooked Curried Pork is a great choice for smaller households.

Small pork loins or roasts are great for single or smaller households, and there are a number of ingredients that complement pork.

Barbecue sauce is a personal favorite, but there are also other options for a change in flavor.

If you like to buy in bulk, it can be handy to buy those packages of two or three pork loins and freeze those not used immediately. That works whether you are living in a smaller household or a larger one. It allows the cook to not only take advantage of sales, but offers greater freedom in making dinner decisions without having to run to the store as often.

If you like to share your cooked dinners with adult children who are struggling with their own busy households or perhaps a friend with a health crisis, slow cook two at a time. Even if you don’t have a slow cooker, the loins are small enough to cook two. Cook them alone or with vegetables of choice.

I typically cook some type of potato, cut in quarters and a few onions. This recipe adds carrots. And while it isn’t necessary to brown meats before slow cooking, I do in this one to better seal in the curry flavor.

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