This LSU grad attended a “Texas Aggie Muster” by the Baton Rouge A&M Club — and lived to tell about it.

Actually, the Aggies were extremely gracious, the barbecue was tasty (who knew Baton Rouge Country Club was such a good barbecue joint?) and it was all in all a fine evening.

There was a serious side to the dinner — it honored classmates who had died during the past year.

And it was proudly reported that in response to the tragic explosion in West, Texas, 200-plus Aggie volunteers delivered some 113 tons of supplies and $15,000 in cash donations to the stricken town — within 24 hours of the explosion.

Of course, I was treated to several Aggie jokes — which I can’t repeat here.

And the main speaker, Marty Holmes of A&M’s Association of Former Students, told an LSU Tigers joke — which I can’t repeat either.

But Davie Earle gave me one Aggie joke I CAN use:

“Know what you call an Aggie three years after he graduates? ‘Boss.’ ”

From Bunkie with love

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What do Bunkie and Guatemala have in common?” here’s your answer:

Dr. Don Hines, of Bunkie, former president of the Louisiana Senate, is getting together donations and volunteers to set up telemedicine equipment to allow physicians at the LSU Medical Center in New Orleans to examine patients in Guatemala via the Internet.

The telemedicine project supports Louisiana natives Mike and Dottie Clark’s mission-education center in the mountains of Guatemala. The Clarks minister to some 450 children, educate them and “adopt them so they cannot be returned to the hostile environment from which they came.” Since 1989, the Clarks have cared for 4,260.

The $35,000 telemedicine cart and the medical services have been donated. Contributions will be used to offset the cost of the program and for medicine for the children.

For information on the mission go to Tax-deductible donations may be sent to Guatemala Telemedicine Project, P. O. Box 262, Bunkie, LA 71322. You can contact Dr. Hines at

All in the family

Henry Bradsher, of Baton Rouge, a former Associated Press foreign correspondent in Asia and Russia, was in the New York Times newsroom with his wife, Monica, when the Pulitzer Prize announcements were made.

This was because their son Keith, the Times’ bureau chief in Hong Kong, was a lead writer in a series that won the Pulitzer for explanatory reporting.

The stories were about changing international economics, including working conditions in Chinese factories.

Henry says Monica’s father was also a journalist, so when Keith’s eldest son was about 6 or 7, “he earnestly asked, ‘Daddy, do I have to be a journalist, too?’

“Keith assured him he didn’t have to be — but it’s a great profession.”

Henry says the son, now 14, “is deep into advanced chemistry, math and computer programming, so maybe he won’t be a journalist.”

Looking for stuff

The folks at First Baptist Church need items for a rummage sale from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 3-4 at the FBC Family Life Center, 10748 Perkins Road.

They can use household items, small appliances, furniture, clothing and just about anything else you can think of.

Call (225) 343-0562 for donation information.

Proceeds will go toward restoration of the church’s piano and Ukraine missions.

Worthy causes

Chosen Generation Community Outreach holds “Get in the Groove; You’ve Got to Move” 1K and 5K races at 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Saturday respectively to promote childhood obesity awareness. The races are at Woodlawn Middle School’s running trail.

Call (225) 288-2993 or (225) 308-1641 or visit

Special People Dept.

  • On Thursday Adele Langlois Lowe, of Port Allen, celebrates her 99th birthday.
  • Delna “Blue” Hebert celebrates her 95th birthday Thursday.
  • On Thursday Pearl Lipscomb, of Walker, celebrates her 95th birthday.

Aunts in the garden

“Maw Maw Brenda,” of St. Amant, says when granddaughter Claire was about 3, her mother was showing her the flowers in Paw Paw’s garden:

“When they came upon our St. Francis statue, Claire asked, ‘Who’s that?’

“Her mother (not knowing which statue it was) replied, ‘That’s St. Joseph.’

“Claire hugged the statue, saying, ‘I love Aunt Joseph.’

“Ever since that day, St. Francis is now ‘Aunt Joseph.’ ”

Troubled childhood

Buddy Abraham addresses our mule seminar:

“On the subject of unruly mules, you need to cut them a little slack.

“Remember, there is a very good chance their father was a jackass.”

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