Gary W. Cross, of Prairieville, says, “My father-in-law, Herbert Isaminger, who is in LSU football heaven now, was a very smart man.

“ ‘Mr. I’ was a tennis player on LSU’s first tennis team in 1935. He also was an LSU football season ticket holder, starting in 1935.

“Mr. I came to me a few years after his daughter Karen and I were married and informed me he was getting too old to attend all the games and was going to change the season tickets over to my name.

“A few months later, I received ticket information about the upcoming season, but it was in Karen’s name.

“I at once called Mr. I and asked, ‘You said you were putting the tickets in my name; they are in Karen’s name. Is this a mistake?’

“He said, ‘No, Gary, I know how much you love LSU football, and I figured if I placed the tickets in Karen’s name, you would never divorce her for fear of losing your tickets.’

“Karen and I will be celebrating our 44th anniversary Aug. 29, and the tickets are still in the name of Karen Isaminger Cross.”

A matter of priorities

H. Jesse Walker says, “Sunday morning, when my wife handed me the newspaper, she said, ‘Honey, guess whose picture is on the front page.’

I replied: ‘It must be the new quarterback at LSU.’

“Little did I realize how correct I was.

“However, I must admit, I was thinking (logically, after being brainwashed at LSU for nearly 60 years) about football, not about someone at even a ‘little’ higher level at the university — our present chancellor/president, F. King Alexander.”

Sticker shock

Speaking of front pages, Faye Hoffman Talbot, of Jackson, says, “I wonder how many people were startled when they read their Advocate on Friday morning.

“On the top of the front page is a picture of Sean Payton with a quote: ‘I’M FIRED.’

“The complete quote read ‘I’m fired up for Jimmy,’ but the last three words on my paper were covered over by a sticker for Stage stores.”

Gland news

After I mentioned sweetbreads (thymus glands of calves or lambs) as a delicacy, Ed Allain reported that they’re listed as appetizers on the dinner menu of Galatoire’s Bistro on Perkins Road.

“Not that I seek out sweetbreads regularly, but they were delicious.”

Nice People Dept.

Beverly DeGeorge, of Covington, says “My friend and I, both widows, go to IHOP in Covington quite often (one of the waiters calls us the ‘Golden Girls’).

“On our last visit, we asked the waitress for our bill and were told it was paid for by a nice gentleman who asked to remain anonymous.

“What a nice gesture — it made our day!”

The forgotten

Barbara Tate issues a call to all Dec. 26 birthday folks:

“Because of the date, is your birthday forgotten, or do you get your gifts on Christmas Eve, like me? Come join me and let’s party together this year.”

She’s at

(Any excuse for a party — right, Barbara?)

Special People Dept.

* Ola King, of St. Clare Manor, celebrates her 101st birthday on Tuesday, July 29.

* Hazel Arnoult Roy celebrated her 99th birthday on Sunday, July 27. A native of New Orleans, she now lives in Back Brusly.

* Margie and Harvey Cooper, of New Orleans, both celebrated their 99th birthdays in July — Margie on July 10 and Harvey on Saturday, July 26.

* Verlee and Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, celebrated their 63rd anniversary on Monday, July 28.

* Lester and Rita Strate celebrated their 63rd anniversary on Monday, July 28.

Bad choice!

Gene Duke says, “A friend and his spouse were dividing family chores.

“My friend selected cleaning the kitchen, and the wife opted to bathe and dress their two young children for bed.

“The children assumed the wife’s duties after a couple of years — and three decades later he is still cleaning the kitchen.”

Gene says the moral of this little story is “choose wisely.”

One brave husband

Marvin Borgmeyer says that after riding as a passenger in his wife’s car, he’s looking for a bumper sticker for her car that says, ‘I am sorry, but my wife is driving!’ ”

(Don’t ask me, Marvin — I not only don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t even know you. …)

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