The day after the LSU-Arkansas football game, I was wearing my LSU jacket in a restaurant in Dauphin Island, Alabama.

I had just started digging into my fried oysters when a guy at the next table came over and asked me, “Can I hug an LSU fan?”

He explained he was also an LSU fan, but the two couples he was dining with were Alabama and Arkansas fans respectively. He badly needed some sympathy and compassion.

Moved almost to tears, I got up and gave the poor guy a hug, and he returned to his gloating companions, ready to receive their taunts, knowing he was not alone in his misery.

It was the least I could do...

Back to the future

Glenn B. says, “Smiley, we went to sleep and woke up in 1970s. The governor is Edwards, gas is $1.88 and the Saints and LSU are having tough seasons.”

Mike knows best

One more LSU football comment, from Goldie O’Bannon, of St. Francisville:

“I guess we should have suspected something was wrong when Mike the Tiger quit going to the football games.”

From Paris with love

Ann says the terrorist attacks in Paris reminded her of this incident:

“We happened to be in the French countryside on 9/11.

“A few days later, we were in Paris. Still in shock, and wanting to get back to the USA, we walked into Luxembourg Gardens where a band was playing.

“All of a sudden, they started playing our national anthem. Everyone stood, and held their hands over their hearts.

“There was not a dry eye seen, and we felt as one with these people, as we are feeling today.”

Delayed appreciation

A lady recently told me this little story:

“My husband, a veteran of the Vietnam war, has always felt unappreciated because it was such a controversial war.

“When he came home from the war there were no flags waving and no bands playing to welcome the soldiers home.

“On Veterans Day we were at Cracker Barrel in Gonzales eating breakfast. When it was time to pay the bill, we were informed that the gentleman who had been sitting across from us had paid for our breakfast.

“I just wanted to let that kind stranger know how much that meant to my husband. He felt appreciated, and it helped to make up for that lonely homecoming so many years ago.

“You never know what kind of impact those small acts of kindness will have on a person.”

Marine math

Walter Weller, of Wakefield, says, “Our daughter teaches fifth grade, and recently has been leading her class into the realm of fractions — how to add them, subtract them, simplify them, etc.

“The school had a Veterans’ Day celebration, and veterans were invited to come to school with the children.

“After the event, one of her pupils told her she had heard a visitor, a Marine veteran, talking to some of the other veteran visitors, and he concluded each chat with a handshake and the word ‘Simplify!’”

No respect!

Wade J. “Papa Bear” Labat says, “For our first grandchild my wife, a French teacher, purchased a T-shirt which said in French, ‘If you think I’m cute, you ought to see my grandmother.’

“When I asked my wife if there was a granddad version, she replied, ‘Granddads are not cute.’”

Special People Dept.

Myrtis “Green” Wells, of McComb, Mississippi, celebrated her 106th birthday on Oct. 3.

Johnnie Loggins, of Amber Terrace Assisted Living in Baton Rouge, celebrated birthday No. 94 on Monday, Nov. 23.

Tommy Greer, of The Haven in Baton Rouge, celebrated his 93rd birthday on Monday, Nov. 23. He was a Navy pilot in World War II.

Johnnie R. Safar, of Gretna, celebrated her 90th birthday on Monday, Nov. 23.

Eroyl and Joy Cambre, of Sunshine, celebrated 54 years of marriage on Nov. 18.

Island time

While I started my Well-Deserved Vacation with Lady Katherine at our usual resort — Bubba’s Exxon, Motel & Bait Shop in Back Brusly — we didn’t stay long.

It seems Bubba was on his way to pay the electric bill when he ran into some buddies who were getting up a bourre game. One thing led to another, and as a consequence his electricity got cut off.

This meant that the regulars as his motel bar, The Nutria Nook, couldn’t watch the LSU-Arkansas game on his new color TV. That Sunday morning they came by to thank him.

Not wanting to spend a week with kerosene lamps and candles, we headed off to waste away on Dauphin Island.

There we took beach walks, listened to the surf, marveled at the sunsets, and watched fascinating sea creatures such as shrimp, oysters, crabs, snapper and flounder before eating them.

It wasn’t Back Brusly, but it wasn’t bad.

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