Nick Heller, the main character in Joseph Finder’s “Vanished,” returns in the author’s new thriller, “Buried Secrets.” It will hold readers’ attention from beginning to end. Heller is a former operative who now works as a detective for wealthy corporations and individuals, kind of like a one-man A-Team.

When Alexandra Marcus, the daughter of a family friend, disappears, her father knows he can trust Heller to get her back.

Alexandra has been placed in a coffin and buried alive. Her only link to the outside world is her captor. What she doesn’t know is that a camera is recording her every move, both to make sure she stays in line and to show her father what she’s experiencing.

A simple ransom becomes more complicated when the kidnapper asks for data instead of money. Surprisingly, her father refuses. Heller has to skirt the law and go behind his back to get Alexandra safely back home.

Heller is a compelling and flawed hero who pursues justice at all costs. The page-turning suspense and the plot twists make “Buried Secrets” a candidate for the best-seller lists.