Dudley Lehew, of Denham Springs, says, “Just thought you folks might like to know what the lead story is in the Livingston Parish News:

“ ‘Tarantulas can now be sold inside the city limits, according to a 4-0 Council vote Tuesday night.’

“Yassuh … I love my adopted parish!”

Radio days

Tales of old radio stations triggered an “American Graffiti” moment for Phil Ragusa:

“In my high school days (’50-’54) at Catholic High, Roger Davison (Ravin’ Dave) of WIBR worked in the control room by the tracks on Choctaw.

“We went in the ‘hut,’ wrote record requests and held them to the glass. He generally complied.”

Stories of WLCS remind Robert Porter, of Zachary, that he still has a WLCS cap he won by answering a trivia question.

And Fiddling Doc Chaney still has a WLCS “91’er Club” card, and wonders if it’s good for any promotions on the new sports talk station that now occupies the 910 AM spot.

(Check with Buddy Songy, Doc, and maybe you can work out a deal for Manda sausage.)

Love and oysters

Gordon Barney adds to nostalgia items about the late lamented Bernard’s Chicken Loaf House on North Boulevard:

“Bernard’s made the best oyster loaf in the world — on a whole loaf of bread soaked in butter, loaded with fried oysters with dill pickles and cocktail sauce, all for (I think) less than $5.

“Ann and I were newly married and didn’t have much money, but after watching LSU play football we would splurge and stop by Bernard’s and get an oyster loaf to take back to our garage apartment.

“We’d climb in bed and watch TV and eat the loaf.

“Ann would always say that she didn’t want many oysters, but she liked the bread. So she’d let me eat the oysters.

“She has been this way all of our life together, and that is one of the reasons that I love her so after being married to her for almost 55 years.”

Happy returns

Chery Aliers, of Prairieville, thanks two Entergy employees who recovered the pendant she dropped down a grate on Poydras Street in New Orleans.

Worthy causes

Hospice of Baton Rouge will hold its second annual “Trees of Light: A Night of Music” from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Dec. 2 at the Old State Capitol.

There will be lighted trees in memory of loved ones, music by Father Greg Daigle and The Jazz Band led by George Bell, plus a silent auction, raffle and food by Heirloom Cuisine.

Tickets are $40. Go to http://www.hospicebr.org or call (225) 767-4673.

Feeding time

The Humane Society of Louisiana’s Baton Rouge chapter has a food drive Saturday through Dec. 1 at Neighborhood Pet Market, 12871 Perkins Road, to stock the shelves of the new Pet Pantry.

In addition to food, donations of collars, leashes, toys, bedding, kitty litter and treats are welcome. Contact the society at (225) 366-STOP or stopcrueltyinbatonrouge@gmail.com.

Special People Dept.

  • Mary Speligene Lucido, of Brittany, celebrates her 99th birthday Thursday.
  • Diana “JoJo” Robert, of Gonzales, celebrated her 96th birthday Nov. 15.
  • On Wednesday James E. Ducote, originally of Cottonport, celebrates his 90th birthday.
  • Earl and Betty Harps, of Denham Springs, celebrate 75 years of marriage Thursday.
  • Rooney “Gab” and Jesse “Pop” Davis, of Denham Springs, celebrate their 72nd anniversary Thursday.
  • Lowney and Bonnie LeBlanc, of Gonzales, celebrate their 70th anniversary Thursday.
  • Ray and Bertha Louviere, of Jeanerette, celebrate their 70th anniversary Thursday.
  • Edwin and Maggi Pousson celebrate their 70th anniversary Thursday at a family reunion. (The anniversary is Dec. 12.) He retired from Exxon in 1981, and celebrated his 94th birthday Nov. 11.
  • Adam J. and Barbara Rodick, of Marrero, celebrated their 62nd anniversary Friday. He’s an Army veteran of World War II and the Korean War.
  • W. J. “Whitey” and Laura Lea Waters celebrate their 61st anniversary Wednesday. He’s a World War II and Korean War veteran.
  • Verne and Luna Pearson, of Walker, celebrated their 61st anniversary Friday.
  • Harold and Myra Mire, of Gonzales, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday.

Thought for the Day

From Harry Clark, of Lafayette: “If you are going to try cross-country skiing, start with a small country.”

Colorful comment

John Morgan says, “Astronomers have photographed a planet in orbit around a distant star, and are studying the light coming from it.

“Determining the color of the planet can tell them a lot about its age and composition.

“The planet is ‘Kappa Andromedae b’ or ‘K And b’ for short.

“Nobody from Louisiana must be on the team. Most people around here have at least heard of K&B purple.”

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