The Baton Rouge music scene will get some jazz, surf rock, hip-hop and pysch rock sounds in 2018, all thanks to one trio.

Capital city three-piece Hydra Plane has big plans this year, including the release of a second full-length album, a collaborative project with local rapper Joshua Henderson, aka _thesmoothcat, and several live gigs.

One such concert starts at 9 p.m. Friday at Mid City Ballroom, 136 S. Acadian Thruway. The show features performances from Hydra Plane with _thesmoothcat, Wumbo and Bomb’s Ex Lover. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 at

Lead guitarist and vocalist Jacob Stanley formed Hydra Plane in May 2016 with drummer Stephen Nelson and bass player Eric Stewart. Since then, the group’s blend of jazz improvisation, surf sounds and psych rock riffs has found favor with many Baton Rouge music fans.

On the heels of its self-titled debut released in October, the group is polishing a new EP and preparing material for its sophomore album. The latter is set for release this summer. Ahead of the band’s second LP, the band will collaborate with Henderson, who released his full-length debut, “Breathe,” under _thesmoothcat name just last week.

The new project will mark Hydra Plane’s second official collaboration with Henderson. Not only did Henderson appear on the band's debut, Stanley and the rapper are also friends and former college roommates who have teamed up on several projects in the past, including singles and an EP under the moniker Milk Chocolate.

On Hydra Plane’s upcoming EP, fans can expect a distinct background of psychedelic jazz adapted for Henderson’s thoughtful lyricism. The band worked to produce songs with hip-hop influence to better suit the rapper’s writing style. 

“I know they’re good musicians,” Henderson said. “I know they’re going to give me something I can work with because they know my sound, and I know theirs.”

Expect Hydra Plane and _thesmoothcat to debut material from the upcoming EP at Friday night’s show. If you miss that concert, don’t fret: Hydra Plane will also perform at the Varsity Theatre on Saturday, Feb. 10 with Loudness War and Jack & The Jackrabbits.


WHEN: 9 p.m. Friday 

WHERE: Mid City Ballroom, 136 S. Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge

COST: $10 at