Louise Hargon says she was one of Susan Lipsey’s bridge partners who told her a possum story, leading to Susan’s request for more such tales from our readers. Here’s the one from Louise:

“Our son, Chad, was awakened one night by his wife, Stacey, who said she thought she saw a mouse tail going under their bed.

“She was hysterical, but he told her he would set a trap in the morning.

“She left him sleeping in the bed, closed the bedroom door, and put a towel under the door so the mouse couldn’t escape.

“The next morning, Chad went to set a mouse trap under their bed, a high four-poster with a skirt.

“He lay down on the floor and reached under the bed skirt to place the mouse trap.

“Within seconds, a possum ran up his arm and down his back, then jumped on the bedroom sofa.

“Stacey was outside with their three boys, but she heard the scream!”

Phideaux’s new toy

Speaking of possum stories, here’s one from Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville:

“My dog goes out to use the bathroom every night, and brings one of his stuffed animals with him.

“Several years ago I let him out with one of his stuffed animals, and he came back to the door as is his usual routine.

“I went to the door, let him in, and he went to his normal resting place on the bear rug in front of the fireplace.

“It was then that I realized he had brought not his stuffed animal but a live possum in with him!

“Made for an interesting night!”

Fighting words

“It’s time for me to vent out my frustrations with that horrible greeting ‘You guys’,” says Carolyn Brewer, of Lacombe.

“I am a Southern lady and absolutely deplore that greeting.

“I don’t care if I am in the company of all females, or males and females, that greeting is used.

“I think it is an insult to us females. What would the males say if they were referred to as ‘You Gals.’

“‘Y’all’ is the proper greeting here. When in the South, respect what we say!

“Who started this anyway, California or the North? Come on, Southern ladies out there, are you with me? I am proud to be a Southern female and want to be greeted as such.”

Bull session

Tom Boone, of Gonzales, has our final suggestion for a new name for the New Orleans Zephyrs baseball team, a variation on the “Red Bulls” suggested earlier. He likes “the New Orleans Bull Reds.”

Hasty retreat

Gene Duke says our mention of Baton Rouge’s old Downtown Airport reminds him of the “battle” fought there between opponents of U.S. Sen. Huey Long (who was then ruling Louisiana) and the National Guard.

On Jan. 25, 1935, the Square Deal Association, an anti-Long paramilitary organization, took over the East Baton Rouge Parish Courthouse with some 200 armed men. Long had Gov. O.K. Allen call out the National Guard and declare martial law.

The Square Deal group left the courthouse, but had a brief armed skirmish with the National Guard at the airport, in which tear gas and live ammunition was fired. One person was wounded, but there were no fatalities.

Gene says, “I worked with a man nicknamed ‘Shipwreck Kelley,’ who participated in the battle. Shipwreck said the anti-Long forces were in place at the airport with shotguns and other weapons when an Army truck backed up and exposed a large machine gun.

“He said the insurgents threw their weapons down in order to run faster.

“He told me, ‘I lost a very good squirrel gun and tore my pants while jumping the airport fence.’”

The hole truth

Judy Petit, of Gramercy, says, “Recent suggestions in your column regarding taxing toilet tissue and toilet fixtures, as well as charging 25 cents to use public restrooms, reminded me that perhaps Louisiana could raise funds by capturing the ambience of European travel: charge $1 to use a hole in the ground at all outdoor venues, such as parks, festivals, Mardi Gras, etc.”

Thought for the Day

From Keith Horcasitas, by way of Phillip Alder’s bridge column, quoting Dr. Benjamin Spock: “In auto terms, the child supplies the power, but the parents have to do the steering!”

That’s life

“It took me a long time to figure out what really matters in life,” says Patrick R. Hughes:

“It is all about getting up in the morning feeling good.

“A body that is working fairly well.

“A mind that is clear.

“Nothing to be ashamed of.

“Nothing to dread or fear.

“No bills/payments I can’t handle.

“No one ‘after’ me.

“No one to apologize to.

“Nothing unfinished.

“Nothing to do that can’t wait.

“And the best feeling of all: ‘Take me out of the game whenever, God! I’m ready when you are!’”

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