The HOT ROD Power Tour pulls into Gonzales Friday on the final leg of its seven-day, seven-city, 1,100-mile trek from Madison, Wisconsin.

“It’s been a great day here at the Power Tour, almost 6,000 cars,” HOT ROD Publisher Jeff Dahlin said Wednesday from Hoover, Alabama. The tour’s Thursday stop was Gulfport, Mississippi.

At each of the seven tour stops, local car enthusiasts are encouraged to bring their cars to display or just join in the other activities of the day. Die-hards can do the whole shebang, Dahlin said.

“We have about 2,000 do the whole tour. We call them long haulers. They get a lot of respect on the tour.”

In addition to the dozen or so magazine project cars the hosts bring on tour, the display typically grows by 2,000-3,000 local cars at each stop. All makes and models of hot rods, street rods, custom trucks, muscle cars and performance machines are welcome.

“That’s really the spirit of the tour, the people that love these cars,” Dahlin said.

“It’s officially the world’s largest traveling car show,” he added. “It’s really an awesome moment when someone comes to the Power Tour for the first time and sees 6,000 collector cars.”

In addition to all that metal on display Friday, there will be poster signings by TV host/personality Courtney Hanson (“Overhaulin’”) and Miss Hot Rod Kristian Mill; and a vendor midway with 70 sponsors.

“People get to come and interact with companies that make the parts they put on their cars,” he said.

Presenter Chevrolet Performance lets visitors see cars that no one’s ever seen before, Dahlin said. These are concept cars or classic cars with modern technology.

“If a ’69 Camaro had been made today, here’s what the interior would look like, and that’s always fun for people to see.”

The Power Tour cities, and thus the route, change each year.

“We’ve wanted to come there (Gonzales) for some time. We know it as a good car town.”

Dahlin said the tour’s finale city one year becomes its kick-off city the following year, so Gonzales hasn’t seen the last of the Power Tour after Friday.