If you’re thinking about preparing lunch for Mother’s Day, consider making individual crawfish pies. Or, better yet, make them as a Mother’s Day present for her to put in the freezer for use later because they freeze well.

These pies can be served casually or decorated with roses to make this simple dish fancier.

Cornelia Weldon had recently served these crawfish pies at a luncheon meeting and that’s what gave me the idea of doing them for Mother’s Day. She served the pies with a strawberry green salad. That type salad or your favorite green salad would be fine with these.

For a side dish, make Marinated Asparagus. (See my Eat Your Vegetables column below.) The asparagus are made the night before and served cold.

The Crawfish Pie filling is from the “Louisiana Crawfish Cookbook” by Bunny Jumonville and Joy Mounger and makes one (9-inch) pie. I used the frozen individual shells, which come eight to a package.

Depending on how full you fill the shells determines if you get seven or eight individuals. Pre-bake them for seven minutes before you add the filling. That prevents the bottom crust from getting soggy.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at food@theadvocate.com.