Lackey LaBorde, of Metairie, tells a memorable Easter story:

“When my kids were 2 and 5, the neighbor had just gotten a big male rabbit for his daughter.

“So we got the bright idea that we would bring this rabbit to the window of the kids’ room and tell them that they can see the Easter Bunny.

“Well, my husband picked up this rabbit — and immediately the bunny turned around and bit him.

“With that my husband let him go, and we spent that entire night in the dark with flashlights looking for this rabbit.

“After that we did not care if the kids believed that the Easter Bunny was real!”

Surprised Scouts

Our “food disaster” stories keep getting more and more unappetizing:

Rhetta Sellers says, “During the recent cold weather, I made a big pot of split pea soup. Darrell and Iris Davis stopped by, and when Darrell saw the pot of soup he asked if I knew that it congealed when cold.

“What an odd question. He then related his reason for inquiring:

“Years ago, when Darrell was in charge of the kitchen at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch, he and his crew prepared dinner of split pea soup and then refrigerated the leftovers.

“Very early the next morning, a new kitchen crew was in charge of preparing 400 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a hiking expedition.

“Cold split pea soup really does have the consistency of peanut butter, and that is just what they unwittingly used.

“You can imagine the Scouts’ surprise when they bit into split pea and jelly sandwiches.

“Needless to say, 400 very hungry campers returned that afternoon.”

Russian “Confederacy”

Doug Johnson, of Watson, says the East Baton Rouge Parish Library selected his favorite book, “A Confederacy of Dunces,” for the “One Book, One Community” promotion:

“About 15 years ago my wife and I were browsing the shelves at the LSU Book Bazaar when I suggested we check out the books in the foreign language section, since my wife is Russian.

“There were few books there, but surprisingly one was ‘Confederacy’ in Russian!

“Having lived in Donaldsonville (a mini-New Orleans) for several years, I had no problem understanding the humor and the characters, but was skeptical about how they would come out in Russian.

“Not only did she love the book, but she gave it to a Russian friend, who also liked it.”

Freudian slip?

“If anyone doubts the effect of ‘Duck Dynasty’ on the culture, they should consider the print edition of Friday’s Advocate, which included a story on Animal Planet’s ‘Treehouse Masters’ building a treehouse for Todd and Gwen Graves.

“The story is prefaced by a quote attributed to the classic novel ‘Swiss Family ROBERTSON.’”

The Alaskan connection

Charlanne Cress, of Zachary, says brother-in-law Martin Buser is racing in his 32nd Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska.

The 1,000-mile race, which takes about 10 days, started Monday in Fairbanks. It had to be moved 225 miles north from its traditional starting place in Willow due to unseasonably warm weather that resulted in no snow in some places along the route.

Charlanne says, “This will be Martin’s 30th consecutive race, with 29 finishes, a record. He has also won the Iditarod four times!”

Special People Dept.

Mary Vaccaro, of Independence, celebrated her 102nd birthday on Saturday, March 7.

On Tuesday, March 10, Ben Wicker celebrates his 92nd birthday and his wife Katrina Wicker celebrates her 90th birthday. Ben is a survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that launched American involvement in World War II.

Alfred “Buck” Bayhi was 90 on Monday, March 9, a milestone celebrated on Sunday, March 8, with a family dinner and a Mass said by his son, Father Jeff Bayhi.

Dead reckoning

Regarding our mention of hearing loss, Dee Hodges, of Walker, says, “I sometimes think that the hearing loss some of us experience may be a blessing in disguise.

“When my granddaughter Aubrey was about 5 years old, I had just purchased a new laptop.

“When she was visiting one day, I thought she asked, ‘Maw Maw, when you get married, can I have your laptop?’

“Thinking that I was going to have to explain to her that Paw Paw and I were married, I replied, ‘When I get married?’

“She said, ‘No, when you get BURIED!’”

Weighty topic

“My husband Barry has always had a love for food and more food,” says Alma Mims.

“I have been concerned about his weight. Recently after lunch one day I said to him, ‘I want you to get on the scales and tell me what it says.’

“He did get on the scales, and then walked away.

“I asked, ‘Well, what did it say?’

“His reply was, ‘It says “One person at a time, please.”’”

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