Theresa Hay adds to our list of church stories:

“When I was about 4 years old (more than 58 years ago!), I attended a service in a north Baton Rouge church with my mother.

“When everyone rose to sing a hymn, I proudly stood on the pew next to my mother and sang as loud as I could the only song I apparently knew — ‘Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier!’

“Everyone must have enjoyed it, because I sang the whole verse!”

Friends abroad

Charlotte Prouty says because of this column she has two new friends — in England.

She explains: “Several years ago, around 2001, one of them wrote to your column and said she was looking for a friend who lived in Baker.

“She gave her email address, and I emailed her and told her I would help her.

“We started emailing, and soon she said she had a friend who wanted to email me too, if it was OK with me. And that’s how we started the friendships.

“So, Smiley, I want to thank you so very much for two great friendships you created for me.

“A few years ago, I went to Italy and one of them flew from England to meet me in Rome.

“And, by the way, we never did find that friend in Baker!”

Talk that talk

Dan Burkhalter, the Carencro Curmudgeon, says, “Since your readers are all technical experts, I have a question:

“Do modern microphones emit some sort of gas that makes sportscasters and weathermen unable to stop talking?

“Assuming that one can read, all the info is on the screen.

“Since one is watching football, golf, etc., one knows what’s involved. Childhood history of the players is not important.”

Which reminds me

The pennant races in baseball have caught my attention of late, and I’ve discovered that baseball announcers make football announcers appear to have taken a vow of silence.

And there’s a statistic for everything in baseball — most strikeouts by a left-handed batter on Aug. 23; tallest right-handed pitcher to play for the Mariners; most sunflower seed hulls spit out by a third-base coach, etc.

So I use the mute button on my remote and enjoy the game in blissful silence.

I don’t even hear the commercials...

Which also reminds me

Dan Burkhalter, in his above diatribe, lumped weatherpersons with sportscasters as motormouths, something I haven’t found to be the case.

I guess it’s because their stints on TV are briefer, and they’re giving me useful information — for instance, should I bring an umbrella in case a sudden rainstorm blows up and strands me inside the Pastime?

But I guess the least talkative guy to ever give the weather around here was the late great Tex Carpenter of WAFB-TV.

The laconic Texan was known for his low-key, low-tech approach to presenting weather.

My favorite Texism was when he’d show a picture of the river stages and tell viewers, “If you need ’em, read ’em. If you don’t need ’em, don’t read ’em.”

Creep alert

R.E. Swan tells of a scam we mentioned a while back, indicating either that the original guy is back at it or someone else is using the old “locked car” ruse:

“While I was checking out at a local home improvement store as my wife waited, a gentleman struck up a casual conversation with her.

“He told her he had locked his keys in his car and had to call Pop-A-Lock, but didn’t have enough cash, and had left his credit card at home.

“He was well-dressed and seemed very sincere.

“I gave him the needed money, and he said he would put a check in the mail the next day.

“I gave him my name and address.

“End of story.”

Special People Dept.

Connie Petrillo celebrates her 99th birthday on Tuesday, Sept. 30. She moved to Baton Rouge from Boston 2½ years ago.

Helen Heath, of St. Amant, celebrates her 95th birthday on Tuesday, Sept. 30 — probably by driving her Kubota tractor to maintain her 5-acre property.

Emily Vercher, of Plaquemine, celebrates her 95th birthday Tuesday, Sept. 30.

Sue Bishop Cantey celebrated her 92nd birthday on Saturday, Sept. 27.

On Sunday, Sept. 28, John Torbert celebrated his 90th birthday. He is a World War II veteran, having served in Italy.

Louis and Anita Bonfanti celebrate their 64th anniversary on Tuesday, Sept. 30.

Mother’s day every day

A Baton Rouge reader comments on the Saturday “learning to speak Orleanian” item:

“When I married, this country girl was new to living in New Orleans.

“I worked at a large bank on Baronne Street, and one day a few guys were heading out and one said, ‘Today is Mother’s Day!’

“Since it was not May, my first reaction was that these great guys were thinking about their mothers.

“Well, I soon learned about the po-boys at Mother’s on Poydras Street!”

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