Tricia’s Cold Pasta Salad _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Tricia’s Cold Pasta Salad

I enjoyed Tricia’s Cold Pasta Salad at a party the other day. Cold salads like this are great to have in the refrigerator during the summer.

You can always add more vegetables you like or have on hand; the flavor gets better as the salad sits in the refrigerator.

These salads are fine as a meal or a side dish. Add shrimp or grilled chicken to these flavored pasta dishes and you have a delicious, hearty summer entrée.

Think about adding arugula, spinach or chopped baby kale to them and have a mix of pasta/ green salad for lunch.

I made this salad with orzo, but vermicelli or any pasta shape is fine.

The dressing is olive oil, ranch dressing and fresh lemon juice, seasoned with a very generous amount of Cavender’s All-purpose Greek Seasoning.

The recipe calls for 1 pound of dry pasta, so when cooked, this makes a nice big bowl of pasta. Even the small orzo grains puff up to make plenty.

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