Yellow Squash with Spinach Soufflé Pie _lowres

Photo by CORINNE COOK -- Yellow Squash with Spinach Soufflé Pie

All it took was a few small yellow squash from the refrigerator and a package of spinach soufflé from the freezer, and I had a delicious side dish that my company liked and that required very little effort.

All of us have a frozen product or jar of something we can depend on in a pinch to pull a meal together. For me, it’s the frozen Stouffer’s Spinach Soufflé. I cook it in the microwave as directed (minus a minute or two), then add a pat of butter and maybe a shake of Cajun seasoning. The soufflé stays puffed up after it’s cooked.

I usually serve it in partially cooked, hollowed squash or zucchini halves, garnished with a strip of grilled red pepper on the top. This time, I microwaved the soufflé and layered it between partially cooked and sliced yellow squash. I put the dish together and heated it in the oven right before serving.

Sometimes I give myself more work than necessary; but it’s easy work. I cut half the squash into circles and steamed it until it was barely tender. That’s the bottom layer of the dish. Over that is the layer of the cooked spinach soufflé.

The remaining half of the squash, I cut into thin ribbons, using my vegetable peeler. I steamed those for just a minute and piled them on top of the spinach. Then came a sprinkle of Parmesan and into the oven.

Select small-size squash because the seeds will be smaller, which is good especially if you’re cutting some into ribbons.