Photo by Helana Brigman -- Cool off with Mango Sorbet.

Last week, I returned to making homemade sorbet with a little help from a friend who was generous enough to lend me an ice cream maker.

I discovered that a simple blend of sugar, water and fruit yields the tastiest results — unlike the watered-downed sorbets you might find at the grocery store.

Fresh sorbet is a real treat in this late-summer weather, bringing a little gourmet to everyday life.

To make this recipe, simply blend sugar, water and puréed mango together in a standard ice cream maker using the paddle attachment.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your sorbet sets up properly. Sorbet should be frozen but with the consistency of soft-serve ice cream.

This week, sorbets top my list of favorite late-night snacks, and when made with lovely ripe fruit, they might just top yours, too.

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