“Recent mentions of Gov. Jimmie Davis reminded me of an annual event held in Jackson Parish called The Jimmie Davis Tabernacle,” says Lionel Kleinpeter.

“It was a fundraiser on the grounds where he built the chapel. Area folks prepared a smorgasbord feast.

“Everyone would then pack the church for preaching and singing. Over the years, it became almost mandatory for all statewide and local elected officials to attend and be seated in the choir area behind the pulpit.

“Regular attendees were Bill Dodd, former lieutenant governor and superintendant of education, and his sons Bill and Bruce and their spouses.

“We went with my then father-in-law, Maj. Johnny DeArmond, a former head of the State Police detectives. Following the service, the major was charged with passing the collection plate to elected officials.

“By his own admission, he would ‘bait’ the plate first with a $100 bill, then start the collection.

“It was rumored that, upon returning to the rectory, he would then retrieve his original $100, which went back on his money clip.”

Play date

Marsha Reichle comments on our Wednesday mention of kids seeking playmates:

“My favorite story of playmates comes from friends Bob and Kathy Hornsby, good Baton Rouge folk now living in Houston.

“Bob and Kathy were sitting in their living room being interviewed by a social worker during the crucial home visit that would decide whether they would be able to adopt a child.

“Midway through the conversation the doorbell rang. Kathy answered the door and a small voice was heard, ‘Mrs. Hornsby, can Mr. Hornsby come out and play?’

“Game, set, match.”

Birds for rent

If you’re a pink flamingo fan, Margaret Wascom has information you can use.

Looking for someone to put out plastic pink flamingos to surprise her granddaughter, Margaret did some research and found three groups that do this to raise money.

For a price they’ll put a flock of flamingos in a friend or loved one’s yard as a gag.

Margaret says the youth group at St. James Episcopal Church does the “flocking” to raise money for their yearly mission trip. They put out 12 flamingos from Friday to Monday for $25, and you have to pick them up and return them to the downtown church. Marvin McLennon is the youth director, at (225) 387-5141.

Parents of seniors at Denham Springs High School do the flocking during April only for Project Graduation, to raise money for an all-night safe graduation party. They do the flocking and remove the flamingos for $25. The parent in charge this year is Monica Munson, at (225) 229-6875.

Another flamingo flocking raises money for a little girl with pulmonary fibrosis who needs a double lung transplant. The contact is Terri Jeansonne at tjbigllc@cox.net.

Different dogs

Ronnie Stutes says a story in the Sunday Advocate about the East Baton Rouge Parish Library’s One Book, One Community party urging residents to read “A Confederacy of Dunces” gave the impression that New Orleans’ Lucky Dog hot dog carts are featured in the novel:

“The problem is that the business in the book is a fictional one (obviously inspired by Lucky Dogs) called Paradise Vendors, which, although it is described in the book as having ‘a fleet of tin hot dogs mounted on bicycle tires,’ does have some differences from Lucky Dogs. (Anyone interested in finding out what they are should do as the library suggests and read the book.)”

Nice People Dept.

Tiny Forbes, of Baker, thanks Tony Bickham, “a very nice young man who helped me at the CVS in Central when my car died and would not restart.

“I was in the drive-thru, and he got out of his vehicle and pushed me by hand to a parking place, then brought this 78-year-old lady home.”

Worthy causes

The No Such Thing As Impossible bike ride on Sunday, March 8, at the West Feliciana Parish Sports Park in St. Francisville benefits the Wheels to Succeed program of the McMains Children’s Developmental Center. Visit www.wheelstosucceed.org or www.mcmainscdc.org.

Special People Dept.

Aart deJong, of New Orleans, celebrates his 100th birthday on Friday, March 6. A native of Holland, he is a retired geophysicist.

Amazed ladies

Mike Patterson says this was “overheard in the Patio Lounge from a group of females:”

“Behind every successful man, there’s a surprised woman.”

Feeling crabby

Herb Ellis II adds to our collection of attention-getting ads with a line he saw in a grocery store ad in the Wednesday New Orleans Advocate:

It offered “Pontchartrain blue fresh imported crab claw meat... ”

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