When I tried to get on Facebook recently to check out the latest activities of my kids and grandkids, I was told I needed a new password.

As a good Facebook citizen, I duly did what I was asked and wound up with a new password.

Facebook sent me a confirmation notice that contained my name and this statement:

“Estimated location: Rayne, LA, US.”

Now, I am very fond of Rayne, and spent a delightful day in that lovely Acadia Parish community years ago when I was invited to take part in a frog-jumping contest during their annual Frog Festival. (The Rayne folks provided the frogs that jumped for us. Mine didn’t win.)

I seem to recall that after the contest I visited some local watering holes and wound up shooting pool at one of them. (I didn’t win there either.)

That’s about it as far as my experience with Rayne goes.

But if Facebook says I live in Rayne, I guess I’ll just have to move there...

Who am I to argue with Mark Zuckerberg...?

Mr. Multilingual

Mariano Hinojosa says this school year his wife, Bertha, is teaching young people from Central America and Mexico who have only recently arrived in the U.S.:

“These children have a tradition of receiving Christmas gifts from the Three Kings on the day of Advent, Jan. 6.

“They were intrigued to learn that someone named Santa Claus brought gifts on Dec. 25.

“One young lad with a worried look had a question for the teacher.

“He asked, ‘Can Santa Claus speak Spanish?’

“Bertha assured the boy that Santa Claus was fluent in Spanish.”

A Louisiana thing

Martha says, “The other day someone was wondering when Easter was this year.

“The answer, which is typical in Louisiana, was, ‘Well, Mardi Gras is...’

“We ALL know when Mardi Gras is. Yea for us!”

Medical condition

Gary McGarity had this comment about Marvin Borgmeyer’s account of his expensive mall walks with his wife:

“I’m sure you’ve heard from more than one wise guy by now, but you might want to let Mr. Borgmeyer know his wife interrupting his mall walks to make purchases is a common occurrence known medically as ‘walkus interruptus.’”

Pinky’s show

Dudley Haycraft, of Mandeville, recalls listening to New Orleans’ WWL radio in rural Kentucky in the ’40s and early ’50s:

“When I was about 9 or 10, I was given a Hallicrafters AM short-wave radio. I sat it in the window by my bed, and strung a spool of copper wire, for the antenna, out the window into a tree nearby.

“It was a magic time. I would turn the dial, and listen to all the far-away radio stations that would only come in at night.

“My favorite was WWL — even in those early years I liked the big band and jazz music.”

Dudley recalls a late-night program “from atop the Roosevelt Hotel, in beautiful downtown New Orleans” called “Pinky’s Alley.”

He wonders if Pinky Vidacovich, of “Dawnbusters” fame, had a night gig too.

Happy returns

Lori says, “I want to profusely thank Ben for finding and turning in our $700 signed check we obviously lost.

“He found it in the lot of a Racetrac gas station and turned it over to Mary, the co-manager on duty, who then put it into the on-site vault.

“Ben somehow found my home number and left a message.”

Special People Dept.

Woodrow “Woody” Williams Ferguson celebrated her 96th birthday on Dec. 25.

Marion Roques, of Darrow, celebrated her 90th birthday on Dec. 23.

Joe and Maude Landry Amorello celebrate their 74th anniversary on Thursday, Jan. 8. Joe is a World War II veteran and Maude is a retired school bus driver.

Uncommon language

From Richard Buchholz, of Baton Rouge: “At the Battle of New Orleans, a differing result on the field of battle could have altered the course of history.

“Just think: if the British forces under General Pakenham had routed Andrew Jackson and his motley crew, we might all be speaking English today!”

Funny radio days

Dudley Lehew, of Denham Springs, says, “Your reader’s funny comment by some New Orleans radio disc jockeys reminds me of the late Jobie Martin on WOKJ in Jackson, Mississippi, who said one morning in the ’60s:”

“I was returning to base late one night when the guard on duty shouted, ‘Halt! Who goes there?’

“I snapped to attention and answered, ‘Private Jobie Martin and a fifth of wine.’

“‘Advance, Private Jobie Martin!’ the guard said. ‘HALT, fifth of wine!’”

“And on another morning:”

“You know, my wife LOVES clothes. I got home early one night and when I opened our closet door, a man was standing there.

“I turned to her, and she said he was GUARDING her clothes!”

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