Z. David DeLoach addresses a matter discussed in the Thursday column:

“To satisfy the curiosity of those naive New Yorkers asking, ‘What in the world are Cajuns?’ Simple: Canadians with good taste.”

Elvis and no Elvis

Readers continue to recall memorable musical moments:

— Kat Canatella, of Convent, remembers an Elvis Presley concert at the Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans in the summer of 1956. “Wow!” she says.

She also has a fond memory of a 1957 concert by Fats Domino in New Orleans: “I can’t remember the name of the place, but sure do remember the beautiful lilac-colored suit he wore.”

— Roy Pitchford, of Monroe, recalls the visit he and his family made 40 years ago to the Library of Congress exhibit on recorded music.

“I stopped at a display where one could don ear phones and listen to Mario Lanza. I had no idea a man’s voice could be that beautiful. Until then my standard of excellence was Harry Belafonte.

“Like you, I got to cover some great concerts for The Advocate, including Eric Clapton and Neil Diamond. I also covered the concert where Elvis was a no-show.”

Mules rule!

Tim Palmer, of Lafayette, and Doug Johnson, of Walker, noted that in the Saturday column I ran Dudley Lehew’s letter about pet mules and an unrelated letter from Kim “Pops” Seago, of Columbia, Tennessee.

— Tim says, “Although Pops’ letter has nothing to do with mules, living in Columbia, he likely knows people with pet mules, as Columbia is the Mule Capital of the World, and every year they have a Mule Day celebration, complete with a parade. I once resided in Columbia, when I worked at the Saturn plant in Spring Hill.”

— Doug says, “There are a lot of mule fanciers out there, and many of them meet each April in Columbia for Mule Day, usually a week of celebration. My mother’s family is from Columbia. Although I can’t remember attending the celebrations, I once owned a pet mule.”

Thanks, Hank

“Long-ago events sometimes reunite old friends,” says John Camp.

“During the first Gulf War, when I was a correspondent at CNN, a letter arrived asking if I was the same Johnny Camp who sat on the front row when Hank Williams made an appearance at the Mobile, Alabama, armory in about 1949. I was, and had the opportunity to renew my friendship with Bobby Ward, then living in Mexico Beach, Florida.

“Bobby, now deceased, and I were best buds as kids and spent a lot of time wandering around Mobile singing our version of ‘Lovesick Blues.’ We had lost touch when I moved from Mobile in 1950, but thanks to Hank we had a great reunion in 1991 in Florida.”

Special People Dept.

— Margaret Alexander celebrates her 100th birthday on Sunday, June 21, with a party at The Lutheran Church of Our Savior after the morning service.

— Rebecca Elsensohn, of Walker, celebrates her 96th birthday on Friday, June 19.

— Sharkey Vance Chaney, of Baton Rouge/Gonzales, celebrates his 95th birthday on Friday, June 19. He was a member of the Army Signal Corps and served in Europe and Africa during World War II.

— Clark Fooshee Sr., of Jackson, celebrates his 90th birthday on Saturday, June 20.

— Bertis and Theresa Robert celebrate their 71st anniversary on Saturday, June 20.

— Ernest and Gwen Lemay celebrate 60 years of marriage on Friday, June 19.

— Sam and Bessie Pizzolato, of St. Gabriel, celebrate their 60th anniversary on Friday, June 19.

Creative marketing

Pat Alba, of Metairie, says she was driving from Monroe to Vicksburg, Mississippi, on U.S. 80 in the ’50s when she stopped at a service station in Louisiana because the sign said, “Last chance for gas — 19 cents a gallon.”

Says Pat, “A few minutes later I crossed the river into Mississippi and saw the sign, “Gas — 17 cents per gallon.”

Contacting Smiley

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